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You might be a devotee of the ice cream cone, or maybe you can’t resist eating straight from the pint. But what if we told you that there is a different vessel that makes eating ice cream feel like even more than a treat than it already is? Ice cream bowls (and coordinating ice cream spoons) may not seem like necessities, but they are absolutely worth it.

The bowl and spoon you use for cereal or soup might be fine enough  for a few scoops of chocolate or vanilla, but when you have a special bowl (usually a small, round one) and a designated spoon (sometimes long and thin, other times short and spatula-like), eating ice cream takes on the sensation of a ritual. With the right utensils, you aren’t just snacking—you’re enjoying a sweet, chilled culinary delight.

A superior summer dessert is well worth a little sacrificed cabinet space, and these ice cream dish and spoon pairings will make it happen. Don’t forget the sundae supplies!

The Artisanal Accoutrements

Ice cream pairing: Neapolitan A dainty glass spoon handmade by Max Frommeld and a lovingly hand-glazed bowl by East Fork make a perfect match. Stack several scoops on top of one another and enjoy them tiny spoonful by tiny spoonful.

The Icy Treat

Ice cream pairing: Blood orange sorbet Oh, what’s that? You’re more of a sorbet person? Then you’ll want to get your hands on this icy-looking dish from Hay. A simple squared-end spoon in equally frosty silver is the ideal tool for edging the last traces of your flavor of choice out of the corners.

The Ice Cream Parlor Play

Ice cream pairing: Chocolate (with a cherry on top) With this cheeky receptacle from CB2, you can have a cup and a cone all at once, perfect for when you want to go full sundae. Pile up the whipped cream and drizzle on some hot fudge, then dig in with one of these sweet rainbow spoons.

The Speckled and the Spatula

Ice cream pairing: Vanilla bean When you have a bowl and spoon that look this good, even a single scoop of ice cream feels totally luxurious. Plus, the spoon’s spatula effect will encourage you to eat slowly, so you can really savor your snack.

The Romantic Duo

Ice cream pairing: Black cherry We love the nostalgia of a footed glass dish, which evokes the feeling of old-school diners. Paired with two heart-shaped spoons, it’s the new shared milkshake.

The Sweet Spot

Ice cream pairing: Chocolate chip cookie dough A pretty polka dot vessel is reason enough to smile, but partner it with a little paddle spoon and it gets even cuter. The strong aluminum utensil will help you dig out all the good parts of cookie dough ice cream.

The Sunny Scoop

Ice cream pairing: Birthday cake This yellow-swirled bowl is as cheerful as it gets. Add in an oversize spoon and a few just-as-generous scoops of ice cream, and you’re set for the best night ever.

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