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When you have a tiny kitchen but you can’t stop yourself from stocking up on cooking tools (you are totally justified in buying that spatula), things can get really crowded fast. But it doesn’t have to be this way—the solution is actually pretty simple. Just install a slim rail and—boom!—you’ve got a few extra feet of storage.

A single rod, affixed just under a cabinet or shelf, is a great space to store almost anything, from decorative accents (dried hanging herbs and pretty measuring spoons) to more functional items like a frying pan. “It’s a really convenient spot for things you want to be able to grab mid-cooking,” says Tara Mangini of Jersey Ice Cream Co. “I usually stock ours with utensils, pot holders, and maybe a strainer or a small cutting board.”

For as little as $30 (or even slightly less), you can buy one that just requires screwing into the wall, though you can also take the custom route. If you do opt for a more involved DIY, Mangini suggests buying brackets before picking up a rod, to ensure that the two fit together. “As with curtains, you have options for how you can hang or install the rail, so just dig around and see what look appeals to you and makes sense for your space,” she says. In terms of placement, you’ll want the rod close to the stovetop so you can always have your favorite spoon in close reach. 

To free up even more cabinet space, think beyond kitchen tools and consider hanging up your everyday mugs, too. “The kitchen rod is a great shelf alternative,” Mangini says. Isn’t there a mini colander that’s been calling your name?

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