Published on November 3, 2019

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Photography by Mike Rosenthal

The launch of Chrissy Teigen’s lifestyle site quite literally broke the Internet. No sooner had Cravings by Chrissy Teigen gone live than it promptly crashed—no doubt thanks to Teigen’s millions of followers eager to get a glimpse into her life—sending Twitter (and Teigen) into a frenzy. But panic no more: The website is back up and running, and that glimpse is more like a full behind-the-scenes look. Between the essays and the blog’s YouTube arm, we discovered a lot. Most important: Teigen’s kitchen essentials.

The contemporary-industrial cooking space is outfitted with concrete counters, matte black outlets streamlined into the walls, and lots of clean, open shelving; it looks über-luxe, to say the least. The products in it, however, are totally attainable—here are a few that caught our eye: 

The Cutting Board

Found: The asymmetrical plank that Teigen based her Target piece off of. Hers was likely picked up on her travels, but the organic shape and thick, sturdy frame of this West Elm option makes it a great dupe. 

The Mortar and Pestle

If you view Teigen’s cooking videos, you’ll notice a collection of black mortar and pestles neatly lined up against the back wall. Given their handiness—you can do anything from grind spices to make pesto sauce in the bowls—it seems like a useful obsession. Plus, the stone provides some welcome textural contrast against wood cabinets. 

The Hardworking Bowls

She’s a self-professed nonbaker, but Teigen certainly looks like a pro when she puts together a strawberry shortcake, and that may have something to do with the ramekins she uses for her mise en place. Take a page from her playbook and have all your ingredients laid out on the counter before you tackle a tricky recipe, to make the process as smooth as possible. Hers are from her Target line, and they frequently star in her videos.

The Organic Dinnerware

The first thing we noticed in the cookbook author’s kitchen is that there are…So. Many. Plates. Despite their variation in size and shades of white, they all share a similarity: irregular, curved edges.

The Stylish Soap

It looks like Teigen is a fan of Aesop’s bottled hand soaps, as she keeps a pair right next to her sink. If there’s a way to make cleanup less of a chore, we’re all for it. 

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