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While we may all disagree on the best part of holiday dinners (Grandma’s pecan pie? Silky mashed potatoes?), there’s one aspect that’s decidedly the worst: dish duty. No amount of holiday music lessens the pain of a massive cleanup, but Chrissy Teigen’s expert advice (learned via her inaugural “Tipsgiving” livestream) can. According to the cookbook author, you should serve your turkey (or any main course) straight from the cutting board—which means one less dish to wash. 

These days it isn’t hard to create an attractive display. Simply find a design that floats your boat (Tiegen loves a simple wood moment) and spruce up the main attraction using garnishes you have lying around. “Throw some fresh thyme on the board or sage sprigs,” Teigen and her cookbook coauthor, Adeena Sussman, note in the video. “You can even slice up a lemon and put it on there.” 

When it comes to carving the bird, the duo has tips for that, too. Sussman recommends using the turkey’s natural joints to help guide you to the highly coveted dark meat. As for white meat lovers? Cut along the turkey’s center breast bone to keep the goods intact. Then cut against the grain for diagonal-shaped pieces ready for a drizzle of gravy. When the meal is over, just toss the cutting board in the dishwasher. These styles are pretty (and hardworking) enough to travel from counter to table. 

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