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attn: chrissy teigen already threw out her cheese wheel

cue the collective groan.

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The day Chrissy Teigen got a wheel of Parmesan cheese—as a Christmas gift—from hubby John Legend, it was a good day for us all. Who better to receive a cheese wheel than our favorite supermodel-turned-cookbook author? While we were happy, thrilled even, for Teigen, (did someone say #relationshipgoals?) we were equally jealous. After all, those things cost thousands of dollars. And if we’re being completely honest, we’ve been thinking about it ever since… Which is why we are so disappointed to hear Teigen has already ditched her wheel!

In an interview with NYMag’s The Cut, Teigen revealed, “We’re renovating, so we don’t have a fridge, period, much less a huge fridge that would accommodate this huge thing. It was about 300 pounds, I swear. It was over 100 for sure. I couldn’t lift it! John could barely lift it.”


Teigen continued, saying, “Our house is completely under renovation so we’re living in one corner of our home. I have a pressure oven, a toaster, and a coffee maker and that’s about it. I’ve been cooking some wild things. And I have this random pizza oven, it’s a Breville stone pizza cooker. We end up Postmates-ing like six times a day though.”

While we’re bummed the cheese wheel was collateral in the couple’s home renovation, we can’t be mad about a home renovation. In fact, we’re really, really excited for any glimpses we might get into what is sure to be an impressively designed home. Can you even imagine what the kitchen will be like? And, as if it’s even a question, we’re still definitely buying her cookbook “Cravings”, which launches today, February 23.

To read more about Teigen’s cheese wheel saga, her feelings on her “cool girl” status, what a perfect hair day is like, and more, visit The Cut.

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