Published on November 20, 2016

Luke’s Diner Mug

Nothing says “Lorelai” like coffee – especially when served in a Luke’s Diner mug.  Plus, you’ll totally need to up your caffeine game for binge watching the new release.

SMEG Toaster

Heat your Pop-Tarts in style with this SMEG toaster in a color that seems completely appropriate for a woman with a Hello Kitty waffle iron.

Heritage Kantha Stitched Throw

The Girls’ couch was the heart of the home, hosting movie marathons, chat sessions, takeout dinners, and the occasional overnight guest.  Create your own comfy couch oasis with a throw that’s perfect for cuddling up to no matter the occasion.

Grilled Cheese Kitchen Cookbook

We all know that Lorelai was NOT fond of cooking, so if any cookbook found its way into her kitchen, we imagine it would be this.  Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food that anyone can master – even if you only use your oven for warming socks.

Strut Wood Coffee Table

Because an extra large coffee table is a must for spreading out a takeout buffet – in front of the tv, of course.

Dragonfly Inn Keychain

We may only be able to visit Stars Hollow in our dreams, but with this keychain you can keep a small piece of the Dragonfly Inn within reach anytime. 

Moccamaster Coffee Maker

It’s no secret that Lorelai lived for coffee, so we imagine that she’s upped her coffee game since we left her last.  This Moccamaster Coffee Maker brews the perfect cup (in style!) in only six minutes – perfect for any busy coffee addict.

Brass Bunny Table Lamp

The Girls’ Stars Hollow home was full of funky, eclectic decor.  We’re loving this sweet brass bunny lamp, and somehow, we think Lorelai would agree.

WatercolorWall Print

This print keeps Luke’s Diner within view – when you’re not watching Gilmore Girls, of course.

Right Round Marble Table

The Girls had a charming eat-in kitchen.  Harness your inner Lorelai with your own petite dining table that’s beautiful as is, or covered with a cloth (as was often the case on the show).

French Stripe Pillow

Lorelai’s couch was always piled high with plush pillows and blankets.  Create your own Gilmore-inspired oasis with this French Stripe Pillow, in memory of the Paris trip Lorelai took with Christopher.

Dancing Swans Jewelry Holder

Swans were a recurring theme in the early seasons of the show, whether they were frightening Michel or harassing Jess.  Keep jewelry and trinkets organized with this lovely swan dish (that Michel would certainly hate).

5×5 Bookcase

Rory’s room was overflowing with books, which posed the question – why don’t they buy a bookshelf already?  This amazing oversized version would add a serious touch of organization in a house full of the Girls’ many treasures (and yes, books).

Cold Brew Variety Pack

We feel pretty confident that Lorelai would love the idea of this pre-brewed cold brew variety pack, for days when you simply can’t be bothered to put water in the coffee maker.

TheGatorbug T-Shirt

This shirt spotted on Etsy is definitely a mantra we can get behind.

Midtown Sofa

A comfy ultra-plush sofa is a Lorelai must.  Opting for a neutral color like this means that you can easily switch the style up by changing out throw pillows and blankets.

Kim Blue Scarf

Once you smell snow, a chic scarf is necessary.

FranklyNoted Coffee Mug

For the Rory-Lorelai relationship in your life, this mug set says it all.

I Was Here Travel Journal

Whether they’re roadtripping through B&B country or backpacking through Europe, the Girls’ taught us that a travel journal is always a good idea.

Design District Walnut Coffee Table

The hallway table was command central in the Gilmore house, proving that a well-placed console is key.  Opt for a table with drawers for stashing notepads, keys, mail, and other clutter that’s best kept out of sight.

TipsyRiver Print

If you simply can’t get enough Stars Hollow, this print keeps the town within view from your own home.

Sol Outdoor Pillow Cover

When they weren’t on the couch, the Girls were often seen chatting on the porch in the evenings.  A few outdoor pillows can help you create your own outdoor oasis that’s both chic and comfortable.

Chinese Takeout Candleholder

If you’re a fan of takeout even half as much as Lorelai, you’ll love these cheeky candleholders for yourself or a fun gift idea.

Doose’s Market Tote

Help the environment in Stars Hollow style with these reusable Doose’s Market totes.

The Domino Bike

Because when your Jeep dies, a backup bicycle is a must.

Forma Cloud Rectangular Platter

A large serving platter is ideal for spreading out a takeout buffet – especially when you’re sharing with friends.

Field Bag in Pine and Brown

Lorelai was always on the go, and liked a good messenger bag for keeping things organized.  This version is perfect for a casual weekend of Stars Hollow strolling.

Quotidien Coffee Cup

No small coffee cups for these ladies – because bigger is always better.

Tondo Wooden Bowl

A snack bowl is a must for popcorn in front of the tv, and essential for the new Gilmore release.

Viski Raye Martini Glasses

Remember “The Rory”?  Create your own signature drink and serve it in style with these modern martini glasses.  Lorelai would totally approve.