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The world became somewhat less fabulous this week when the glittering, unapologetic Zsa Zsa Gabor passed from life into history at the age of 99. And, yet, she left us so much behind—not the least of which is this beautiful Midcentury Modern Palm Beach ranch house which you are now going to purchase.

Granted the star, who was born in Austria-Hungary (when Austria-Hungary was still a thing that existed), hadn’t lived in the trim, smart 1,784-square-foot two-bed-two-bath stunner since the 1960s. But that won’t stop you. You’ll still put down the rather reasonable sum of $969,000 and then walk along its stone decks in a fur wrap to take in the beautiful desert views—just as Zsa Zsa surely did.

Tucked into a rugged hillside above Palm Springs and featuring a cute, little guest house, it is where you will repair after your fourth (or fifth?) marriage falls through. It is where you will swim in the pool in full makeup and diamond earrings. It is where your fifth (or sixth?) husband will propose to you by the fire pit.

It is yours and it is here. Enjoy it.