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Chicago-based designer Claire Staszak knew just the right gal to call when her dull entryway needed an inspired update: wallpaper designer Erin Minckley of the globally inspired brand, Relativity Textiles. It was a match made in modern Moroccan heaven when Claire and Erin collaborated to give the 5’x 5’ space a memorable look with gorgeous ‘Peacock Gold’ paper from the Relativity collection. With the holidays quickly approaching and leftover wallpaper scraps on hand, these ladies decided a DIY was in order, and they’re sharing how to craft origami style ornaments with leftover wallpaper.

Materials Needed:

8.5×11 sheet/s of Wallpaper Downloadable Template Hot Glue Gun Transparent Tape Ribbon or Thick Thread Tassels Beads Threading Needle

Step 1

Set out your 8.5” by 11” piece of wallpaper, wrapping paper, or craft paper upside down so you can trace the template. Trace with pencil.

Step 2

Cut out the traced template shape with scissors.

Step 3

Fold your cut paper into triangle shapes using the dotted lines on the template as a guide. Remember to also fold along the lines for side flaps. Practice folding paper into a diamond shape, and take note of how to place flaps on the inside of the shape.

Step 4

Apply a thin line of hot glue along one of the flaps and secure with gentle pressure, beginning to bring the 3D shape together.

Step 5

You can start to glue the shape together from either end, but keep one end open before moving on to step 6.

Step 6

Before you finish gluing all the triangles together, decide where you want to place the tassel. The opposing point will be the loop for hanging. Put a piece of tape over the ends of the hanging thread and tassel, and secure it to the inside of the ornament. You may need to use a needle to thread a bead onto the hanging loop. The tape will hold the tassel and loop, so feel free to use more than one piece. You won’t be able to see it from the outside.

Step 7

Close up the final flap(s) of the ornament with hot glue. Trim the tassel if it’s too long. Repeat.

Step 8

Hang ornaments, and admire your handiwork.