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Okay, this is officially too adorable. What we’ve got here is a wall-mounted playset at the just-opened, truly inviting SPARK Brooklyn’s Children’s Museum. It’s called “Sky Villages” and was created and designed by James Paulius, and it’s part art installation, part massive toy, part completely optimistic housing solution.

Working with magnets, children can create little floating towers of artisan-cut, artisan painted wood blocks against a background of blue skies and clouds. They’re little friendly castles in the air and really just about the cutest response to the problem of overpopulation imaginable.

Granted, it’s unlikely that such adorable aerial cityscapes lie in our near (or even distant) future—but it’s not impossible to craft of a similar wall of wonder for your own play space with time, effort, and a few magnets. As well, SPARK is open and available for any little ones with busy hands in the vicinity of Brooklyn Bridge Park (it’s less a museum and more of a makerspace for the six-and-under crowd). Finally, check out Paulius’ website for a few more bits of cheery inspiration.

For the moment, though, why don’t you just click over here for more images of “Sky Villages” and make your day just that much brighter.