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by Whitney Feldmann

Even though we may not be the Gucci, Louis, Fendi girls quite yet (#goals) there are other great ways to incorporate the best trends from the top fashion houses into your life without wanting to toss it come next season. So we’ve taken to the runways for inspiration from the hottest obsessions and turned them into easy home redesigns.

A strong industry favorite this PreFall ’16 season, mixed media has definitely brought the buzz and playfulness back to the runways. Whether you have a sharp editor’s eye or..not, this esthetic is hard not to nail like a pro.

The takeaways of this trend are to incorporate the smooth with over-the-top textures, neutrals with bright sharp colors and clean overall silhouettes with whimsical designs and appliqués.

Bringing these concepts into a home office instead of your closet is a great way to get outside the box. Think sequins, embellishments, quirky shapes and patterns; and electric blues, greens, reds! But reserve these features for the less significant pieces in the room to make a more sophisticated impression. For example throw pillows, desk accessories, and lighting.

Imagine the bigger purchases in the space being like the silhouette of the garments; clean contemporary shapes and lines are key here. They should feel significant, but with an open design (like geometrical legs or a feature wall!) so they anchor down the room

Much like the catwalk looks, playful airy designs paired with the perfectly kooky will streamline the overall feel and let your eye travel to all the fun things happening in the space to keep a creative mind stimulated

A nice ying to the mixed media yang this season has been the minimalist trend of tone-on-tone. With its relaxed silhouettes, easy going palettes and layered stylizing, we wouldn’t be surprised if the designers didn’t take some inspiration from their favorite cozy home spaces in the first place to create these gorgeous runway feels.

This trend is a shining example that confirms beige is not boring and comfy can be zany and playful too! Start with picking a favorite neutral for the walls/feature wall and main furniture pieces, this will serve as the base for the room’s overall tone.

Neutrals aren’t reserved for grays and taupes. Create your own neutral—go green, blue, pink or practically anywhere in between, just be sure to pick a shade that’s more of a muted and washed out version of your tone of choice.

For accent pieces, texture, both smooth and rough, is a neutral’s best friend. Fringe, appliqués, velvets, silks, tufts and yes, sequins (!!!) are all great ideas here.

Keep the decor in the same color family, with various tinges darker and lighter than your base hue. This way the space will effortlessly flow thanks to its new peaceful palette.