By Marilyn La Jeunesse

Published on March 15, 2016

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Photography by @CAROLYNCARTER

Almost overnight, it seems as though Instagrammers have become obsessed with photographing every angle of a spiral staircase. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite shots of this Insta trend. Take a look!

Photo by @worldneedsmorespiralstaircases

Photography by @CHICKFLICK1900

Take a long look at this sleek black and white spiral staircase and you might actually run the risk of being hypnotized.

Photo by @chickflick1900

Photography by @BRANDONOSORIO

This all-white staircase located inside Barney’s Chelsea location has become one of the most iconic spiral shots on Instagram — and the store only opened in February!

Photography by @CHUMMIE_MOJO

@chummie_mojo captured this beautiful staircase at the Vatican Museum. We can’t get enough of the intricately detailed moldings!


The gold and teal accents on the railing of this white staircase inspire pure elegance. 

Photo by @worldneedsmorespiralstaircases


A half-moon staircase with baby blue and gold accents? Yep, we could definitely picture this staircase in our dream home! 

Photo by @worldneedsmorespiralstaircases

Photography by @CHENJUNYAN92

@chenjunyan92 proves that not all spiral staircases have to be round. We love the geometric composition of this triangular beauty.

Photography by @BRANDONOSORIO

Museums are the perfect place to spot a gorgeous spiral staircase. @brandonosorio (appropriately) found this rectangular structure at The Whitney in NYC.

Photography by @GEORGE_FRANKLIN

@george_franklin captured the beautiful contrast between a black and white staircase and a periwinkle floor.

Photography by @IHAN1077

In the shape of a keyhole, this wrought-iron staircase in Prague leads to a hidden Cubist-esque cafe. 

Photo by @ihan1077

Photography by @CAROLYNCARTER

This oblong marble staircase is definitely one of our favorites — it’s absolutely stunning in both form, shape, and detail.

Photography by @JSAVARIA

You don’t always have to shoot a spiral staircase from above to appreciate its beauty. Side shots like this one accentuate the grandeur of the area’s passageways.

Photography by @LAETITIAMODINE

By shooting from below, @laetitiamodine was able to capture the blue shade on the side of the staircase, which wouldn’t have been as striking as when photographed from above.

Photography by @LOEWE7

Don’t forget to use a few friends as props when taking a photo of a spiral staircase. It will lend a sense of depth to the image!

Photo by @loewe7

Photography by @TANAJAEITARO

Shades of green and blue make for the perfect pair in this dreamy staircase.

Photo by @tanajaeitaro

Photography by @PICSESSION

Wooden railings lend a touch of charm to these mysteriously intriguing spiral steps.