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Juniper the fox has become one of Instagram’s favorite new animals to follow. From her adventures indoors to her escapades outdoors, there’s never a lack of excitement in her life, and she’s not afraid to show it! Take a few lessons in perfecting facial expressions from someone who knows best — Juniper.

This is Juniper’s “I’m can’t believe I got this chair on sale!” face.

Juniper isn’t afraid to show off, especially when it comes to her comfy bedspread. This is her “I’m happy I spent a little extra money on this duvet” face.

This is Juniper’s “I’m ready to adventure” face, her go-to expression when let outdoors, we’re sure.

Juniper is either a bit grumpy in this photo, or perhaps she just ate a lemon.

This is the expression to use when denying taking the last cookie from the cookie jar.

Juniper proves that you can be both surprised and photogenic at the same time. We know, we weren’t sure it was actually possible.

This is Juniper’s “I’m goofing around with my friends” face. Doesn’t she look like she’s having a ball of fun?

We are pretty sure this is everyone on Monday morning.

Want to know how to take the perfect bubble bath shot? Step 1: Apply bubbles. Step 2: Smize. Step 3: Have someone snap a cute pic. Step 4: Post on Instagram.

See, it’s not that hard.

Don’t worry, Juniper will even teach you how to take the perfect “after a long hike” photo. Just look away from the camera and pretend you aren’t covered in sweat.

Juniper was even an expert facial expressionist as a small pup!

This is her “I’m proud of my new blanket purchase” face.

This is the perfect expression to use when you just don’t want to get out of bed on a Wednesday morning.

Remember, no matter what, genuine expressions make the best photos!