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There are plenty of models who lend their faces to beauty lines in order to make a buck—but Lindsay Ellingson, co-founder and creative director of Wander Beauty, is actually that diamond in the rough that simply loves beauty. And she is knee-deep in the creative process. You’ll find her spewing beauty tips on her personal Instagram and on the brand page in her “free time,” and she’s completely honest about the fact that she’s been hunting for the perfect multi-tasking products for years, and working to make Wander Beauty everything we’ve all been missing. Here, she tells us what she does to unwind—although she admits she blends work and play a bit, too.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I check my emails as soon as my alarm goes off. A clean inbox is something I find so satisfying. I delete anything unnecessary, flag the important emails and set reminders to respond to the less pressing ones. I pour myself a cup of English breakfast tea and shape my brows with our Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil. I am brow obsessed so I never leave my house without them perfected! My New Year’s resolution was to add a 10 minute meditation to my morning ritual. So far I’m loving it—it’s such a great way to manage stress and set yourself up for a successful day. Finally, I walk my little cockapoo Carly around our neighborhood.

What are your favorite things to do for yourself on the weekends?

I love Pilates and recently discovered a studio a few blocks from my apartment. I keep myself accountable during the week by scheduling at least 3 classes, including Saturdays. Afterwards, I indulge in a great brunch with my husband and friends—my favorite meal is huevos rancheros. Since we recently moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there are endless restaurants to discover. Another one of my favorite things to do is game night: My husband and I love to make tacos and host our friends for a fun night of bingo and catch phrase.

How do you deal when you’re away for the weekend? 

Since I’m also still modeling, my weekends are often spent traveling the world. Thankfully, we have such a great team so I’m able to work remotely via email and What’s App. I make sure to always bring our newest multi-tasking makeup launches and take pictures for our social channels in various cities to keep the wanderlust alive. Traveling is such a great way for me to find inspiration for our products, whether it be a shade of coral I see during sunset in St. Tropez or a new beauty trend I discover in Sweden.

What are the activities or errands on your “must-accomplish list” every weekend?

As co-founder and creative director of Wander Beauty, one of my favorite parts of the job is product development. I spend my weekends testing new formulas and dreaming up new and innovative makeup concepts. I also love to play! My husband and I are busier than ever so we always plan a date night, usually dinner and a movie at Nite Hawk, bowling at The Gutter or our favorite game of Jenga at Spritzenhaus 33. I always set up a Skype date with my sisters since we are spread all over the country. Finally, I must always relax and unwind. Whether it’s a pedicure, watching our favorite series, or curling up with Carly and a cup of tea.

What do you do on Sundays to prepare for the week ahead?

Sundays are for beauty treatments and goal making. I always exfoliate my skin and then leave a hydrating mask on for an hour or two while tidying up my apartment. I write down a few small goals that I would like to achieve. My latest goal was to juice with Luli Tonix for 3 days, and I’m so happy I made it! I go over my schedule for the week and fill in any gaps with wellness activities like workouts, meditation, and coffee with friends or my new favorite, Higher Dose, an infrared sauna. Finally, I prepare product feedback, social media content, and anything else I may need for Wander’s team meeting on Monday.