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Lisa Price originally started making beauty products in her kitchen in Brooklyn with a little encouragement from her mother. After her family and friends starting raving about what they tried, she realized she was onto something, and Carol’s Daughter was born. Now, the brand has a cult following and products for just about every hair (and skin) concern. Price tells us exactly how to manages to organize her life on the weekends in order to get ready for the week ahead.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Full transparency, I typically hit the snooze alarm because I have always been a fan of the extra 10 to 15 minutes. When I am actually awake, I thank God for another day. If my husband is awake, I say good morning to him, and I look at my phone to remind myself of what my day is looking like. Then, it is time to head to the kitchen to make coffee.

What are your favorite things to do for yourself on the weekends?

When I get to be home for the weekend, I truly want to be home. I will go out to SoulCycle—I love to do that on the weekend because I can go later, and I don’t have to stand in the shower line to wash and change for work. I can just go back home. A couple times a month I will schedule a massage for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. And I love to catch up on TV and go to the movies either with the family or just me and my husband.

How do you deal when you’re away for the weekend?

When I have to be away for work on the weekend it typically means the week prior and the week ahead have to be carefully planned because I won’t be around for a few days. And while I am away, I take advantage of the quiet. I am an introvert, and my work requires me to be extroverted so the downtime in the hotel room with no one to whom I have to speak is critical to my overall sanity. And, if I can find a SoulCycle or yoga class nearby, even better.

What are the activities or errands on your “must-accomplish list” every weekend?

Spending time with my youngest is important because she doesn’t like when I am away. Sometimes we cook, and sometimes we bake or go to the yarn store. I also try to make the focus of the weekend on home and self—and not work. Those lines of demarcation are critical.

What do you do on Sundays to prepare for the week ahead?

I review my schedule, and I set aside clothes for the week so I don’t have to go through trying on 12 things the morning of. I plan out when I can workout so I can schedule my sessions on Monday. I pack up clothes for exercise so they are also ready to go in the morning. Overall, I am organized, and I try to keep things as ordered as I can. But I have learned to go with the flow because stuff always happens.