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by Cora L. Diekman

Some ‘guy’ gifts are just too good to pass up…for us girls, that is.  Check out fabulous finds with universal appeal that are sure to make your holiday wish list, too!

Silverheart & Maple Watch

This gender-neutral watch is sleek and subtle in form, making it a great gift for a just about everyone.

Buy it now: $149.99

Driftwood Dock

Charge your smart phone on a nature-inspired dock that is influenced by the sea, sand and the wind. Its materials include beach driftwood that is collected on the coast of Maine.

Buy it now: $67.99

Rebecca Ray Designs Racing Stripe Dopp Kit – Navy/Lime

If you’re craving a more adventurous tote, this fire engine-red bag features bold racing stripes with leather accents – perfect for fun on the go.

Buy it now: $64.99

Perfect Whiskey Glasses Whiskey glasses are often thought of as a ‘guy’ gift, but we’re not really sure why.  Everyone can use a set of whiskey glasses, especially with so many holiday-appropriate whiskey cocktails to enjoy this time of year.  Bottoms up! Buy it here: $20.99

Tool Box – Light Grey with Mint

Of course this box could be packed with tools, but just think of the possibilities!  Use to organize cosmetics, crafts, jewelry, accessories, kitchen tools, or ANYTHING, really.  (And we’re loving the chill color combo, too.)

Buy it now: $99.99

Laguiole Multi-Function Tool

Handcrafted by a centuries-old French brand, this sleek rosewood multi-function tool kit is the perfect gift for a handy girl who likes to fix things. The kit comes in a smart leather pouch and offers 11 tools for every imaginable function.

Buy it now: $69.99

Master & Dynamic MH40 Over Ear Headphones Black/Gunmetal

These MH40 Over Ear Headphones provide a rich, warm sound, making them an incredible modern gift for a girl who can’t function without tunes at all times.

Buy it now: $399.99

Laptop Sleeve

Created by expert craftsmen in Los Angeles, this tanned leather laptop sleeve will protect your computer in style from any scratch.

Buy it now: $174.99

Home Tool Kit

If you know a girl without a toolkit, get her one ASAP.  She’ll gladly thank you the first time she realizes how much money it saves versus that overpriced handyman.

Buy it now: $53.49

Radio Dock

This beech wood radio dock makes a chic retro gift for a girl who loves music and inspiring design.

Buy it now: $23.99

Grandad’s Leather Treatment Treat your leather bags, shoes, belts, and other accessories to this top-shelf leather rejuvenator, designed to combat damage caused by rain, snow, sun, and general wear and tear. Buy it here: $29.99

Tangier. Leather Messenger Bag, Camel Brown

You can never have too many bags.  Period. This drool-worthy leather messenger is so versatile – use as an everyday bag, for toting work essentials, or as a small weekender.

Buy it now: $149.99

Face Bomb This all-natural, deep cleansing mud should be on everyone’s wish list this holiday season.  Made from a natural clay that’s mineral-rich and antibacterial, this amazing ‘Face Bomb’ provides exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing all in one! Buy it here: $27.99

iPhone 6 Wallet, Cognac When you simply can’t be bothered with a handbag (or your outfit doesn’t call for one) take a cue from the guys and pack a clever iPhone wallet.  With just enough room for the essentials (phone, credit cards, business cards) this compact case has you covered, minus the extra baggage. Buy it here: $84.99

Stainless Steel Glacier Rocks Often called whiskey stones, these clever rocks are designed to keep your favorite libations ice cold without watering them down.  This stainless steel version takes a glam approach to the idea, and may be used in any cocktail needing an extra shot of cold (dilution-free). Buy them here: $29.99

Charcoal Grit Bar We all need a little exfoliation in our lives, and charcoal is the latest in facial cleansing technology.  Made with pumice, black walnut shells and (of course) charcoal, this all natural, organic bar promises the ultimate exfoliation experience. Buy it here: $15.99

Birmingham Pocket Square Masculine fashion for women is having a moment right now, from suits to suspenders to footwear.  We’re loving the idea of a business suit with a masculine edge by way of this glam pocket square, or tuck into a business casual blazer paired with tailored jeans for a less formal look. Buy it here: $26.99

Makore & Red Sanders Watch This fabulous Carpenter Watch, made from 100% real wood and leather, is the perfect accessory for adding a subtle masculine touch to any stylish ensemble.  Love the idea of pairing this with something ultra-glam for unexpected organic flair. Buy it here: $149.99

Cocktails on Tap  Beer is always billed as a drink for the guys, but we beg to differ.  Never have there been more opportunities to sample craft beers, local brews, and now beer cocktails – mixed drinks that feature beer.  This handsome book boasts 50 recipes, including both new and classic libations with a beer twist – definitely something for everyone. Buy it here: $24.99