Published on January 18, 2016

Spoil your sweetie this Valentine’s Day with a luxurious gift that is sure to make him feel special.

Leather & blackwood watch, $149.99

Tell time in style with this sleek carpentry inspired watch, complete with a leather band and gold accents.

Modular clock, $119.99

Give the gift of time with this ultra modern numbers clock. 

Key Target, $64.99

This fun, yet totally useful gift will keep your man from constantly misplacing his keys.

Liquid body flask, $59.99

Gift him his new favorite flask — complete with a mirror steel finish. 

Lemon ball baseball, $37.99

This genuine leather baseball will not only look good on your sweetie’s shelf, but it also releases an seductive aroma. 

Custom collar stays, $41.99

Your loved one can hide these in the crease of his collar when he heads off to work each morning.

Lumberjack skinny tie, $64.99

This tie will make your cutie look dapper in no time — perfect for a quick and easy classic look. 

Master & dynamic headphones, $399.99

These sophisticated leather headphones will make your man look more stylish on his commute.

Beard kit, $58.99

If your man is wildly passionate about his beard, a Valentine’s Day beard kit is sure to make his day.

Cigar box sampler, $44.99

This gift is for the avid groomer who likes to indulge in lavish bathing routines and enjoys a clean shave.

Laptop sleeve, $174.99

This elegant leather laptop sleeve will make his computer transportation all the more fashionable. 

Golf bottle opener, $59.99

This is the perfect gift for a golf obsessed man who knows the perfect way to end a round of 18 holes is with a few cold ones.

Black walnut razor, $35.99

What better way to say “I love you” than with an ultra fancy razor?

Mini shark’s tooth cufflinks, $194.99

These petite shark tooth cufflinks are an ode to your significant other’s dangerous side — or his subtle admiration for the ocean’s biggest predator. 

Sparton 6-pack carton, $97.99

This leather 6-pack will transform the way your man transports his beer.