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If you’re tired of the same old song and cake pops dance, you might be looking for a few good gifts this year. Gifts that the internet hasn’t seen (and pinned) 1000 times already. Here, we’ve collected a few items you and your giftee have never heard of, items certain to put some genuine happy in your holiday. First up, this pair of house shoes (yes, we said house shoes) that will give you life. You need to believe us when we tell you the leather on these beauties is like buttah.

Women’s Leather House Shoes, $119.99

Everybody loves an Advent calendar, but this one is super-scrumptious, as the candy that lies within is made by Quin, an all-natural candy company (and current team domino obsession)!

Candy Countdown, $19.99

Who wouldn’t want to have a drink with this little guy?

Drinking Buddy Bottle Opener, $9.99

For the guy who cannot stop wearing that J.Crew shirt. You know the one

Navy Gingham Stocking, $47.99

Wait, are you still serving your jam out of the jar?

Jam Pot, $29.99

If it’s possible for a carafe to be sexy, this one is. Hello there.

Copper Carafe, $53.99

Some of us like haute skeletal decor year ’round, k?

Skeleton Hands Mug, $33.99

Before you ask, yes–it does taste like campfire. Unbelievably scrumptious, this syrup is going to go quick. Might wanna get two…(hidden use–in cozy cocktails)!

Campfire Syrup, $23.99

This isn’t the kind of bottle opener you stash in a drawer. Just sayin’.

Pivo Solid Brass Bottle Opener, $38.99

We’ve come a long, long way from the heinous boombox with protruding cords, haven’t we?

SWITCH Luxury Bluetooth Speaker, $149.99