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Funny gal and all around cool person Jenny Slate has two dogs. These are her two dogs. They are Reggie and Arthur and they are perfect. As regular stars on their mama’s Instagram, we couldn’t help but notice that these cuties, whether intentionally or not, have a lot to teach us about life. And lounging.

All photos from Jenny Slate’s Instagram.

Always be prepared to lend an ear. Or four.

Bed snuggles are best accomplished in pairs.

Location is everything. Perch well.

Don’t be scared to incorporate a fun print here and there.

Sometimes we have to pay for the consequences of our actions. Like when we eat garbage.

Hang out with Zoe Kazan whenever possible.

There’s always room for two.

There’s really nothing better than an afternoon nap.

Perfect your pose.

Hug more.

Life gets messy sometimes. Especially when pizza is involved.

Sometimes things get weird.

Just chill out sometimes man.

Table manners are essential.

Not all of your selfies need to be perfect.

Get your rest.

Invest in bedding with a good thread count.

A midcentury chair is a living room must.

Sometimes you just gotta let it out.

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