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Sometimes we learn the best decorating tips from our pals. 

can’t go wrong with purple

There are no rules when it comes to decorating. Don’t be afraid of a bold color scheme, where shabby chic can also be neat.

dumpster diving is acceptable 

Someone else’s trash could be your treasure, whether it’s a flea market find or an inherited piece from a the grouchy neighbor below.

embrace your taste

Find art that speaks to you and your personal aesthetic – even if your friends don’t share the same opinion.

compromise is key

Sometimes you’re forced to make compromises when cohabiting – and that’s okay. That one piece from your early 20s, may not necessarily work in a grown-up space.

don’t rush it

Decorating is a work in progress. There’s no need to splurge on the big stuff all at once. Take the time to figure out your personal style and let it grow organically.

mix and match styles

Vintage flea market finds go perfectly with modern elements such as that infamous apothecary table from an alleged mass-producing retailer.