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We already know that Gisele Bundchen has an eye for style: The supermodel and wife to five-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady pretty much defines #goals as a successful businesswoman, wife, mother, wellness enthusiast, and environmentalist.

But did you know the 37-year-old would have been an interior designer had she not pursued a career in modeling? Thanks to Vogue’s 73 Questions, we got to take a step inside Bundchen and Brady’s Massachusetts home, and see the way Bundchen’s boundless energy and knack for style actually translates to a need for comfort and peaceful surroundings.

The sun-drenched property where the family spends most of their time (especially after recently re-listing their New York pad) is an oasis away from the limelight. As Bundchen says, “It feel like home because home is where the heart is.” So, in between signing her books, playing with her little ones, and doting on her hubby in the video, here are a few things we learned about the low-key aspiring designer.

1. She’s mastered the zen vibe in her home office/studio.

Light-filled, with white washed walls and high ceilings, the home office is where Bundchen says she spends most of her time (and it’s apparently in a separate building from the main house). She calls the area her “sanctuary,” and for good reason: The space gives us some serious home office envy. We also love Bundchen’s collection of crystals—they give the space such an added dose of good vibes.

2. She’s on board with the open shelving trend.

A surprisingly homey kitchen is at the heart of the Massachusetts estate, and pristine, crisp white shelves take center stage. These serve as proof that Bundchen is on top of the open shelving trend, as the visible storage option surrounds the space, complementing the marble countertops.

3. Her vice is organizing.

Gisele’s one downfall? Organizing. And while we’re not quite sure how that counts as a downfall, we can tell her penchant for the hobby by how spotless her home appears. Bundchen has recently said that she prefers to live a more minimalist life—a la Marie Kondo—by eliminating the material things that don’t serve her on a daily basis.

4. She can’t stand messy places.

That being said, it’s no surprise that when she was asked about her pet peeve, the model-actress was quick to answer, “I can’t stand messy places.” Just by her home alone, we can tell that having an organized space is of utmost priority to Bunchen and her lifestyle.

5. Her personal style is “comfortable.”

When asked to describe her personal style, Bundchen’s word of choice was “comfortable.” While that’s definitely apparent by the laid back T-shirt and jeans combo she rocks during the interview, it also clearly translates to the decor of her home. From floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to the lawn to French doors and bright finishes, it’s clear that this space is all about comfort and family—something both Brady and Bundchen are extremely committed to.

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