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From the get-go, Shea McGee knew she wanted a farmhouse sink. It sits prominently in her kitchen, the center of a stunning high-contrast island. But while we were closely studying her new digs via a just-released webisode on her Instagram, a smaller feature stood out to us. It’s barely noticeable—just a sliver of marble. But according to McGee, it makes a big difference day-to-day. 

“I love a drip-edge detail!” she says, pointing to the slab that sits under the sink. “It catches any spillage that happens when you’re doing dishes and protects your cabinetry.” Save yourself the soapy water damage and add this to your renovation to-do list

While McGee picked a marble material for hers, to tie it into the backsplash and countertop, we’ve spotted the style all over the designer’s projects, usually in wood to add a bit of natural texture to the room. In this space, for example, she went with a lighter shade that blends in perfectly with the rest of the island. In this remodel, she opted for the opposite: a dark pine ledge that contrasts with the navy cupboards. Any way you spin it, it’s a winning idea. 

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