3 Design Ideas to Bookmark From Shea McGee’s Cozy New Office

Starting with that cabinet wall.

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As far as design goes, offices can be pretty uninspiring. A swivel desk chair here, a filing cabinet there…it’s easy for workspace style to end up being strictly utilitarian (you are, theoretically, there to work, after all). But that doesn’t have to be the case. Just take a look at Studio McGee‘s recent photo of the design firm’s new headquarters on Instagram. 


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It’s only a sneak peek, but it’s enough to provoke some serious decor envy. The matte black-stained chairs, the rattan accents, the high-contrast pendant lights—it’s all proof that you can create a cozy, even home-like vibe in an office without sacrificing function. Psst: The desks are IKEA

“We didn’t make our office space beautiful just because we are designers, and if we did, no one would trust us!” Shea McGee tells us. “From early mornings to late nights, our team spends so much time in the studio—we want it to feel like the second home that it is.”

Inspired by McGee’s warm approach, we pulled some ideas you can use to transform your own workspace. Because everyone deserves better than a sad cubicle. 

Bring in Woven Accents

Whether this means a rattan basket on your desk to hold essentials like Post-its and pens or a textured rug underfoot in your home office, natural materials easily make an area feel cozier. McGee uses cane baskets to organize her cupboards and a simple rope tray to act as a conference table centerpiece. 

Think Big for Storage

Instead of numerous small filing cabinets and miscellaneous drawers (hello, visual clutter), invest in floor-to-ceiling cabinetry if you can swing it. “Our favorite spot is the design library, which Killoween Cabinetry Company built custom for us,” shares McGee. “It’s strong enough to hold tile samples and functional enough to store thousands of fabric swatches.”  

Elevate the Basics

Pick something more design-forward than your run-of-the-mill swivel chair, and swap out fluorescent overhead lighting for chic pendants. If you’re renting a studio, it’s these low-lift updates that will make a big difference. 

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