10 relationship-saving products for you & bae

trust us, these are marriage savers!

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by Cora L. Diekman

LOTS of Scented Candles

Because, well, sometimes things smell. Every room needs a hit of freshness from time to time. This Basil Sweet Orange scented candle is a Tuscan citrus grove in a jar, deliciously tempting, and smells good enough to eat. Forgot to take out the trash?  Skip the argument, light a scented candle (or two), and move on with life.

Noise Canceling Headphones

So, he’s binge watching Game of Thrones…on his laptop…in bed…and it’s seriously drowning out your own Downton Abbey binge-a-thon. You’ve already given him two sideways glances and sighed dramatically (because, hey, it’s YOUR TURN for the TV) but he’s so far down that Game of Thrones hole a dragon couldn’t scare him out of it. You could throw his laptop across the room, OR just toss him a pair of noise canceling headphones instead. And, this champagne colored set is so glam, you might even offer to take the laptop next time.

Entryway Catchall (or Two)

Nothing sparks an argument faster than clutter, so keep things organized, starting at the front door. A chic entryway catchall, like this all purpose bowl, will ensure loose items like keys, phones, receipts, and wallets always have a place.

Seriously Versatile Storage Bench

And speaking of clutter, it’s not only confined to the entryway. A storage ottoman or bench can keep clutter at bay in style, in any room of the house. Quickly stash away magazines, shoes, TV remotes, or whatever you DON’T want to find yourself tripping over in the middle of the night.

Handyman and Home Cleaning App

Because things break, and not everyone is handy with power tools.  Before that DIY repair turns into a DIY disaster (and, ahem, argument), consider calling for assistance. Described as Uber for handymen, this app books handymen (and home cleaners!) that are experienced, background checked, and insured. Handy also offers next day availability, appointments are bookable seven days a week, and they even offer a money back guarantee.

Stain Remover That WORKS

Because cohabitation is hard, and stains happen. This product works on clothing AND upholstery, is great for travel or stain removal on the go, and specializes in impossible stains like ‘ring around the collar’. So, the next time you find a coffee ring on the arm of your new sofa (OMG, what?!?), take a deep breath, remove the stain, and move on.

Dual Behind-the-Bed Wall Sconce

Less bothersome than a lamp and more relevant than a booklight, this genius sconce is ideal when only one of you is working late in bed. With a modern design that comes in two colors (Sable Bronze and Brushed Nickel), this ‘Save Your Marriage’ sconce has the right idea.

Silent Dual Alarm Clock

Ah, the alarm clock. Unless you have small children and already forgot how yours works, it’s probably the single most reviled electronic device in your home. As much as you hate being alerted by the sound of your own alarm, being suddenly woken by an ear splitting noise that’s meant for someone else EVERY DAY is enough to drive anyone over the edge. Enter the Silent Dual Alarm Clock by Meng Fendi. This genius device is worn like a ring (one for each of you) and wakes you by vibrating as opposed to loud noises. Unfortunately this must-have device is still a concept, so whatever kind of crowdsourcing that’s required to make this a reality, LET’S DO IT.

Decanter Set

Because, drinking alone is bad (and that’s why you have a partner anyway, right?). This cheeky decanter set by UncommonGoods is fun for yourself and also makes a great engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift for others.

Smart Thermostat

More like a smartphone than thermostat, this sleek temperature genius is designed to take the worry (and arguing) out of at home temperature control. With an abundance of sensors at work, this little device quickly learns your habits and preferences and even recognizes when you’re away thanks to motion detectors. All of this means that Nest can automatically adjust the temperature depending on which person is home at the time. Maybe with all of this technology at work, you can finally stop the argument over the thermostat. (Maybe.)