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When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, there’s a LOT to learn — names and colors, care and costs, even seasonality concerns. But when starting the search for those perfect petals, you should look to your dream wedding details for inspiration.Are you a boho bride who wants an outdoorsy affair or are you leaning towards something a little more modern?

The vibe you want for your wedding should come through in your floral arrangements. So, if you’re a classic kind of girl, you might want to consider building your big day bouquet around the rose. But if we’re honest, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, they’re on every girls mind! Here’s everything you need to know about this beautiful bloom.

Flower name

: Rose (Scientific name: Rosa)


: Winter, spring, summer, and fall

Colors available

: White, pink, red, orange, yellow, and purple


: Roses need a lot of hydration, so place them in water (ideally lukewarm) as soon as possible. Before arranging the flowers, remove all leaves and cut stems to the desired length — we recommend cutting around an inch off the bottom.

Fun fact

: Most commonly associated as a symbol of love and passion, red roses have long been recognized in art, literature, music, and romance culture. In fact, Shakespeare refers to roses over 50 times throughout his writings. So take a cue from one of the great romantics and use roses in your wedding bouquet or centerpieces.

Average wholesale cost

: $2/stem (unless you’re getting married on Valentine’s Day when you can expect to pay a bit more per stem).

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