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On a budget this Valentine’s? Skip the overpriced dinner and do something sentimental for your partner instead. We promise a heartfelt gift is better than an expensive one.

From romantic notes and sweets to budget-friendly date nights and keepsakes he or she will treasure, here are fourteen Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank.

1. Write a love letter and drop it in the mail. Your partner might be expecting a Valentine, but he or she won’t think about it coming through the mail. A few days before the 14th, write your S.O. a love letter and mail it to your love’s home or office.

2. Create a coupon book. We love the idea of an IOU book. Create your own or check out this awesome printable version from Capturing Joy.

3. Plan a relaxing evening at home. Break out the bubble bath, make a sweet playlist, and get ready for an evening with just you two. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of champagne, light some candles, and relax!

4. Binge watch movies and splurge on popcorn and treats. Rent movies or watch ones you already have. Don’t forget the tub of popcorn and some fancy candy to munch on.

5. Bake your partner something sweet. Because who doesn’t love delicious desserts? Make your partner’s favorite treat and package it up with a cute love note.

6. Pick up some local brews. Does your significant other like beer? Go to a few of your local breweries and pick up six packs or growlers for you two to have a beer tasting. Bonus points if you add a card that says, “Our Love is Brewing.”

7. Plan a scavenger hunt. Set up clues and lead him or her to a big surprise at the end.

8. Cover the house in sticky notes with all the things you love about your partner. Pick up a couple of Post-it pads (pink is preferred) and write something you love about your S.O. on each note. Then, stick them all around the house on the morning of Valentine’s Day so your partner wakes up to a lot of romance.

9. Create a date night jar. Fill a mason jar with tons of date night ideas. Give the jar to your partner and plan to pull a date night from it every other week.

10. Frame a photo. Get one of your favorite photos printed and frame it to display in your home or at your partner’s office.

11. Plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day every hour on the 14th. For each of the 24 hours of Valentine’s Day, give your partner a little surprise. It can be a note, a piece of candy, or a kiss — just as long as there is at least one an hour!

12. Make a playlist. Your S.O. will swoon over a handmade mix. Choose songs you both enjoy or get creative with all love-themed songs.

13. Serve breakfast in bed. Surprise your sweetheart with a home-cooked breakfast in bed this V-Day. Cuddles included!

14. Create a book with your photos. Gather up your best shots and turn them into a keepsake! Try services like Shutterfly or Artifact Uprising and be on the lookout for special sales leading up to Valentine’s Day.

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