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You’re incredibly proud of yourself this year, you somehow managed to finish all of your holiday shopping. Almost. Let’s not forget about the people you know you should shop for but are nervous they won’t like your gift. If you’re somehow hoping their gifts are going to buy themselves, think again. Here’s what you need to give just about everyone on your list that’s hard to shop for.

for the kid who has everything…

A (mini) wooden project bench to start carpentry early.

To keep the kids occupied while parents get stuff done: crafty sand art bottles.

A portable light box; a surefire way to make imagination run wild.

To help curb the sugar but amp up the fun: a tiny Ice Cream cone playset.

For the kid who’s dramatic and an insanely witty storyteller: a secret hideout teepee.

for your dad who says he doesn’t want anything…

But he loves whiskey so a stone tray is the obvious (gift) contender.

If he loves to dress sharp, there’s no greater gift than shark teeth cuff links.

Because he recently started shopping at J. Crew and needs a new computer bag.

It’s time to trade in the faded (more like, yellowed) hanky for a much chicer one.

If he’s had a beard since you can remember—beard oil is a no brainer.

for the boss you’re trying to impress…

If she’s a bonafide ring stacker, she’ll appreciate your observant (and thoughtful) gift of ring cones.

You’re somehow under the impression she has everything but it’s highly doubtful she has a fireplace scented candle.

She’s a coffee drinker and loves a good joke. Obviously this coffee mug.

So she prefers notes over google docs, give her a crafty notepad.

If she’s recently been saying how dry her hands are in this winter weather, give her coconut oil body butter.

your new s.o.’s parents…

You won’t have to do much besides give this book to win them over instantly.

Because the champagne gesture is overdone and an olive oil can is MUCH more useful (on a daily basis).

Because you (and your partner) have great décor sensibilities and you’d like to extend some of your interior decorating juju with gold-glazed coasters.

They’re all the rage right now anyway and a perfect (tiny) set of essential oils is super thoughtful and sweet.

If you’re absolutely stumped, come bearing a jar of local honey, a crusty baguette, and some creamy brie. No one will complain.

for your sister who changes her style every two months…

Even if she’s trending hard right now, a black crossbody never goes out of style.

Give her a sleek scarf holder for her bandana, skinny scarf, you know.. all the cool girl accessories.

This year she’s been a collector of all things minimal which means one thing—she needs a place to store all of her (dainty) jewelry. An antelope jewelry holder is cool, chic, and useful.

If she’s recently been wearing one stud at a time, give her some geometric earrings to take her jewelry game to a whole new level.

If her bedroom is all white (she would), a lettered accent pillow will make her room even more dreamy.