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Photography by odessamaysociety.com

People love to snoop for gifts—including your S.O. And even if you and your guy don’t live together, leaving your expertly picked gift on the counter isn’t a viable option. Lucky for you, we made a handbook to successfully hiding his holiday gift.

Photography by livethemma.ikea.se

in a cabinet

Everyone has those empty, up-high cabinets that are rarely—if ever—opened. The only risk with this hiding place is he might have the same, straightforward idea.

Photography by domino

in your closet or desk

Nobody knows your closet—or desk—like you do. Stash his gift somewhere you know he’ll never think to look.

Photography by Lonny / Patrick Cline

a locked space

I mean, obviously! Whether you have a safe (that he doesn’t know the combo to) or keep a closet under lock and key, there’s no way he’ll find it there.

Photography by DITTE ISAGER

your holiday destination

Have your gift shipped to wherever you’ll be over the holidays, which is presumably one of your families, who will be more than willing to help hide the surprise. Bring wrapping supplies and of course, a gift for the host for their extra trouble.

Photography by @thecoveteur

with your shoes

No matter where you store your shoes, your guy probably isn’t searching through them. This hiding place is perfect for a mid-sized gift.

Photography by @theeverygirl_

your friend’s place

Your BFF will be sympathetic to your cause. Dump it in one of her closets—just don’t forget which one.

Photography by refinery29.com

at work

Storing your man’s present in your cubicle is the easiest way to keep it out of his hair. Just make sure it’s locked up so no office thieves can lift it.

Photography by CIG HARVEY

camouflaged in your pile of presents for other people

If you’re a present hoarder, throw his at the bottom of the pile (unless it’s fragile, of course). While he might sift through the new ones on top, the likelihood he snoops all the way to the bottom of the pile is not high.

Photography by JOHN GRUEN

in your laundry hamper

Even if your clothes are smelly (I know, gross) a sealed package will be fine—and out of sight.

Photography by amy stone

in empty suitcases

No matter where you store your empty suitcase, chances are nobody is poking around there. Just make sure you didn’t promise to lend your luggage to your guy for his holiday travels.

Photography by apartmenttherapy.com

under your bed

This is the perfect storage space for just about anything. And chances are, there’s no way anybody—especially your guy—will go looking for anything down there.

Photography by LESLEE MITCHELL

in your hard to reach, rarely used pots and pans

Do all the cooking? This one is a safe bet. Stick small gifts inside large pots and pans. Just make sure not to ask your man to grab it for you if you’re entertaining for a large crowd.

Photography by KIM-BEE MAX

in your car

Keep your gift in your car—specifically your trunk—and don’t forget to cover it, just in case.

Photography by countrystorage.com

rent storage space

If you’re buying your guy a serious, sizeable gift like furniture, think about renting a storage unit for the month. Storage usually starts at around $20 a month depending on your location, which is well worth the price.

Photography by michael wiltbank

in a basket

Much like the hamper trick, throw the gift in a basket. If you usually keep pillows or blankets in the basket, just make sure to throw a thin, trick blanket over the present in the bottom to throw him off.

Photography by Casey Starks

buried in a drawer

If your man has a tendency to snoop through your underwear drawer, hide smaller gifts in a less sexy storage location…. Like with your workout clothes or t-shirts.

Photography by papertreats etsy

mislabel the wrapped present

Hide the present in. Plain. Sight! Wrap the gift when he’s not around and throw another name on the label. Make sure to know what your fake present is, though, so you don’t blow your cover.

Photography by AMANDA FRIEDMAN

your cleaning supplies closet

This also applies to a craft or linen closet. Basically, store your gift in a closet where you store stuff you guy doesn’t regularly meddle in.