how to style a menu (when you’re over chalkboard)

chalkboard menus were so 2015.

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Clipboard menus add a subtle, yet irresistible style to your menu. If you’re not in the mood to furnish clipboards for each guest, create one and leave it on your bar for guests to review as they arrive.

Felt letter boards give a clean, classic look to any menu.

This DIY menu makes it easy to customize creations during dinner parties that come with fun options. Ex: How does everyone like their burger cooked?

Present your menu in a way that will stand out from the crowd with these wooden boards. We’d create two and leave them at opposite ends of the table.

You can do no wrong with a butcher’s paper menu — an ideal option for a busy family that will find countless uses for this paper roll once the dinner party is through.

Mirror menus are a chic way to display your menu that’s unexpected and so ‘grammable.

Attach a hook to your otherwise ordinary menu for a simple, yet delicate look, and hang from a conveniently viewed spot.

Reminiscent of a Scrabble game board, this menu is lively and easily customizable, and meant for the truly adventurous!

A simple book menu, complete with gorgeous typography, is a bit involved, but would be a delight for any friend group with recurring dinner parties. This would make a great gift as a recipe book of dinner party favorites.