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by Rebecca Burton

It’s that time of year when love actually is all around. Whether searching for a perfect gift for your new flame or an old friend, find some inspiration in the quirky, charming and heartwarming stories of Love Actually.

billy mack and his manager joe

Through some sort of Christmas miracle, Billy’s holiday single reaches number one on the charts. Give the music lover in your life a chic new way to enjoy the many hits to come in 2016.

peter, juliet, and mark

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Just ask Mark, art gallery manager and star-crossed lover who finds himself head over heels for his best mate’s wife, Juliet. These gifts are sure to help any artist on your list find and express his true passion.

jamie and aurelia

After total heartbreak, Jamie escapes to work on his writing in idyllic Provence. There he falls for his housekeeper, Aurelia, when she dives into a pond to save his manuscript after its swept away by the wind. Their relationship heats up over steaming cups of tea and the rest, as they say, is history.

harry, karen, and mia

While admittedly one of the more heart-wrenching stories in the film, things are friendly early on between Harry and his new secretary when he asks her to plan the company’s holiday party. These ideas are perfect for your own party favors or as a festive hostess gift.

sarah and karl

The story of co-workers Sarah and Karl is another of the movie’s tearjerkers, but not before they play out one of the film’s most romantic scenes. Set the mood for your own holiday tryst with these aromatic and indulgent goodies.

david and natalie

David, the UK’s new Prime Minister, and Natalie, a new member of his house staff, fall for each other under very prim and proper circumstances. Serve up cake stands fit for royalty to the expert entertainer in your life.

daniel, sam, and joanna

While mourning the recent loss of his wife, Daniel devotes everything to help his stepson, Sam, grab the attention of a school crush. The two conspire on a plan to win her heart, which ultimately relies on some luck, some hope, and a whole lot of love.

colin and stacey, jeannie, carol-anne, and harriet

Colin is fed up with stuck-up English girls and hopes his British charm will win the attention of American women. But first he must make it to exotic Milwaukee. Inspired by his cross-Atlantic trip, these gifts are fit for any fun-loving traveler on your list.

jack and judy

After several intimate moments as body doubles in a film, bashful John asks Judy for a Christmas drink. So begins their timid and proper courtship, which ends with plenty of cozy nights by the fire. Snuggle up with your loved ones this season in one of these comfy throws.