The Best Places to Buy Wrapping Paper This Holiday Season

These designs will bring a smile to every gift recipient’s face.

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There’s nothing quite like being presented with a thoughtfully wrapped present. However, not all of us are natural crafters. And you might be hesitant to spend too much time wrapping when it’s meant to be ripped apart by giddy hands anyway. But you don’t have to go all out with twine or tinsel to make a festive impact. There are plenty of independent designers who use their illustration and graphic skills to transform mundane gift wrap into something extraordinary during the giving season. Check out these six gorgeous paper brands—there’s still time to order online.

Eleni Hannula

Eleni Hannula has a strong background in studio arts but makes sure to incorporate handcrafted elements into her illustrations to create truly unique visuals. This Washington-based designer has a gift wrap for even the pickiest of people at Eleni Paper Co.

Who says you have to stick to the traditional holiday colors? These reindeer look almost dreamlike prancing in front of a soft pink backdrop.

Hanging Ornaments

These bright blue ornaments come to life on paper. The detail in these classic decorations is all you need when it comes to wrapping. Forget bows.

Deer Gift Wrap

These deer are floating on tufts of forest. The whimsical look will seamlessly work with the holiday décor you already have in your home.

Kate Slater Illustration

Kate Slater is a UK-based illustrator, designer, and author. While most of her work is with children’s books and magazines, she has also grown her own creative business. You can purchase quirky stationery, prints, homeware, and, of course, wrapping paper.

Order this traditional Christmas geese paper by the sheet. Under your Christmas tree will instantly become more snowy and stylish.

Birds in the Forest Paper

This woodpecker forest paper is perfect for the holidays even though it doesn’t scream Christmas. Simple and understated for the win.

Bright Kingfisher Wrapping Paper

These colors aren’t your ordinary Christmas palette, and that’s exactly why we love them. Bright hues of blue and orange will make your gifts pop in any pile of presents waiting to be opened.

Favorite Story

Each design that you see at Favorite Story has been crafted by Dana Garson. She’s a former advertising art director who now focuses on creating charming paper goods. Her inspiration? Nature and the curiosity of her children.

This evergreen wrap is covered with different types of branches from various trees. Stack gifts wrapped in this paper under the tree, and they’ll blend right in—in a very chic way.

Wood Grain Wrap

If you are going with a log cabin theme for your decorations this year, this paper will fit right in. It will look great as is, but the neutral color gives you the opportunity to play around and add additional wrapping accessories like sprigs and berries.

Mistletoe Wrapping

Get playful with this mistletoe paper this season. We love the the bold contrast of this particular paper. Even though you don’t normally see black during the holiday season, it really helps these illustrations come to life.

Duncan Shotton Design Studio

The British designer Duncan Shotton established his Tokyo design studio in 2012, and we sure are thankful he did. His focus is on designing happiness into everyday things, and that truly shows in his wrapping paper this season. Oh, and all of these wrapping papers are available to be downloaded so you can print them on your own.

These gingerbread men couldn’t possibly be more adorable. Both children and adults are sure to be delighted by this tiny cookie print.

Snowman Gift Wrap

This is perhaps the most minimalistic way a snowman has ever been portrayed, and we are obsessed. Those eyes and carrot nose are all you need for a great present.

Minimalist Rudolf Paper

The best part of Rudolf is his famous red nose, so why showcase anything else? Whether you stick to one of these minimalist prints or mix and match, you will definitely bring a smile to any gift recipient’s face.

Think Noir Accessories

Jete is a young designer from Latvia with some very bold prints for the holidays in her Think Noir shop. If you’re looking to make a statement with your wrapping paper, this is the place for you. Both traditional and modern blend together perfectly in these designs and will look fantastic in a minimalist home.

These repeated geometric stars can be interpreted in a variety of ways. From tree toppers to poinsettias, the clean lines of these shapes represent many holiday favorites.

Christmas Tree Wrap

Much like the stars, these shapes are a modern way of looking at our favorite holiday design elements. Turns out you don’t need all the green and branches to show a tree. These black dots connected by thin lines create a forest filled with trees so beautifully.

Bold Flower Wrap

The contrast of the black design on this brown paper makes the texture look almost velvety. And yet the intricate lines of the design itself appear lacey. This one is playing tricks on us, but nonetheless we are the loving the darker side of gift wrap.

Paper n’ Peonies

Britni Willis is a Texas-based designer who creates custom invitations for all type of special occasions. She also happens to have some fantastic wrapping paper. If traditional is more your speed, then you’ll love Paper n’ Peonies.

This matte paper has vintage undertones that bring us back to holidays past. The traditional font and color scheme leaves us with all the feels.

Vintage Christmas Ladies

These vintage ladies are dressed to perfection while hanging mistletoe and sending letters. This paper has the perfect amount of charm.

Tartan Holiday Print

This one is a traditional showstopper. Plaid tartan print is about as iconic as it comes, and for good reason.