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If you’re looking to infuse some bright and cheery decor into your living space just in time for summer, Chasing Paper’s newest collaboration can help. The removable wallpaper company is partnering with interior design firm LABLstudio for a new collection launching this week.

The line incorporates punchy patterns in soft and sophisticated shades, thereby uniquely positioning the wallpaper as both a subtle backdrop and a statement-making accent piece. According to

chasing paper

founder Elizabeth Rees, the range of the collection is exactly what makes it so special.


“The palette for the entire collection can act as either a soft tonal print to tie a room together or a bolder more intricate print to be a focal point of the space.  I really love a collection with this kind of versatility,” says Rees.

The collection features the same peel-and-stick fabric Chasing Paper is known for and comes in 2 ft. x 4 ft. panels, each retailing for $40.

Emphasizing modern patterns (“I have been seeing more and more kaleidoscope prints and loved the LABL Studios take on this trend,” adds Rees), the line includes four prints in multiple colorways so that you can tailor the wallpaper to match your personal style. Flywood, Quartz, Fabstract, and Pasted are available in softer shades like blush and lavender as well as bolder hues like amethyst and sapphire. The best part? It’s all temporary, so you can try your hand at the latest trends in interior design without having to commit to an entirely new aesthetic.

“I am so glad that we have the soft pink hues — I am seeing millennial pink walls everywhere but usually they are painted, so this is a fun way to incorporate this trend without it being forever!” says Rees.


The panels will be available online at Chasing Paper, starting May 17th.

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