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You may have noticed Millennial Pink popping up just about everywhere. The tint du jour seems to be adorning everything from journal covers to athleisure gear to, yes, home décor and accessories. “Customers may be gravitating toward this hue as an optimistic choice, symbolic of positivity and passion,” explains Erika Woelfel, VP of Color and Creative Services, BEHR Paint. “I love that people are embracing this confident shade.”

And as far as pinks go, these are the good ones. “Millennial Pink isn’t your typical Barbie pink. It’s the grown-up pink—it’s softer, with a lot of gray,” explains Dee Schlotter, PPG Senior Color Marketing Manager.

However, this trendy color may have hit its peak. Which is exactly why we turned to these color experts for their favorite alternatives to today’s “it” hue.

Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Erika Woelfel, BEHR Paint:

If you’re not ready to take the leap to a bold, bright pink, another color we see trending right now is lush, botanical green. Symbolic of new growth, an energetic, vibrant green hue can bring new life to your space. As Pantone forecasted earlier this year, this color is making waves in many industries—from fashion and home décor, to packaging design. BEHR’s Fresh Apple P360-6 is a great way to get the look in your own space.

Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Dee Schlotter, PPG:

PPG Paint’s Violet Verbena PPG1169‑5, a grayed-off, moody purple with a chameleon-like presence, is a great alternative to Millennial Pink hues. As PPG’s 2017 Color of the Year, Violet Verbena is at once as nostalgic as it is modern.

Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Traci Zeller, Traci Zeller Designs:

I’m infatuated with green, and especially the shades ranging from olive to army. Anything dark and mossy catches my eye! I recently painted the millwork in my son’s bedroom Benjamin Moore Guacamole 2144-10, and it looks amazing. Oh, and guess what? If you just can’t stay away, these greens work beautifully with blushy pinks.

Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Summer Thornton, Summer Thornton Design:

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the bubblegum bright pink. My four-year-old loves it, but I typically prefer more abstract shades and hues that aren’t clearly defined as one color. For example, Cinco de Mayo from Benjamin Moore is a great complex shade of pink with orange and red notes. I’ve also been using blush pinks for spaces where I want flattering light and a subtle femininity.

Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Jacy Painter Kelly, Jacy Painter Kelly Interiors:

A good alternative to Millennial Pink is its big sister, fuchsia. It’s edgier, and more grown-up. It plays into the trend of pink, but mingles better with all shades of blue from navy and turquoise to mint and royal. It’s less candy, and more cocktail!

Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Lauren Rasken, Lauren A. Balkan Designs:

I love the Pantone colors Navy Peony and Shaded Spruce. They are rich and saturated colors and are a great spin on more classic options like navy and green. They feel a bit more timeless than Millennial Pink and less likely to become dated or feel like a fad. I really relate to the tone of these colors—whether it be a full room or as an accent piece.

Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Anne Miller, Miller House Interiors:

If you are over the sweetness of Millennial Pink, try something more unexpected. A touch of rich amber is a great way to bring some sophistication and a little sexiness without sacrificing color. You can almost smell the spices! I love Benjamin Moore 2155-10.

Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Charlotte Lucas, Charlotte Lucas Interiors:

Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground has such a subtle pink tone it becomes more of a neutral for me in many of my projects. I’ve painted closets and full rooms (trim and all) in this soft pink.

Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

Christine Markatos, Christine Markatos Design:

A watercolor print in multicolored saturated hues has the effect of a textured solid and the high impact of Millennial Pink.  It seems to go with everything and has the edginess that everyone is searching for right now. I love Old World Weavers Aurora Spectrum from Stark.

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Published on April 29, 2017