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Dads can be impossible to shop for, and a shirt or tie just isn’t going to cut it. If your dad is cool (or thinks he is), this is the list for him. From cocktail mixing to grilling to playing his favorite tunes, there’s a Father’s Day gift to suit every interest.

Spirited Sipping

Acclaimed distiller David Ravandi wants people to enjoy tequila like they do wine. No, not in the same quantity, but he believes great tequila should express the quality of the agave it’s made with, just like great wine expresses the grapes. So he created 123 Tequila, where he uses organically grown agave to best represent the terroir of Jalisco where it’s harvested. The result is a complex spirit hints of citrus and vanilla, which is imparted by six months of aging in oak barrels before bottling.

123 Tequila Reposado, $47.99


Fantastic Mr. Anderson

Since 2011, the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco has curated an annual show filled with art inspired by the films of Wes Anderson, from Bottle Rocket to The Grand Budapest Hotel. This third volume in the Wes Anderson gallery series features 200 works from recent shows in addition to a forward by the filmmaker himself. It’s a must have for Wes Anderson fans.

The Wes Anderson Collection: Bad Dads by Spoke Art Gallery, $29.99


Saving Face

Help Dad keep his skin looking healthy and his hair looking sharp with this complete grooming kit from The Motley. The pack includes Port Product Face Saving Shave, which features avocado oil to moisturize and aloe vera to soothe irritation. The set also features Bucker’s Chapped Skin remedy, which will keep his hands silky and Port’s Hair Putty to style his hair.

The Motley All Stars Grooming Essentials Kit, $47.99


New Old Fashioned

Take his cocktail game to the next level with this set of five unique bitters bottles with the flavors of smoked chili, citrus, aromatic, orange, and ginger. Just a few dashes of these mixtures of botanicals and oils can bring an extra dimension to a craft cocktail, adding a flavor element you won’t get from your spirit or mixer alone.

Hella Bitter 5-Bottle Bitters Set, $43.99


Suds Starter

One of the downsides of being an adult is that gifts are rarely interactive. Getting that shirt you wanted is great and all, but it doesn’t really let you have fun. That’s the beauty of this beer making kit: It’s a toy for adults. Give Dad a project he’ll actually enjoy, which has the added benefit of providing beer at the end.

Brooklyn Brew Beer Making Kit, $39.95



There’s still a long summer of backyard barbecues for Dad to dominate. This sturdy grill set gives him everything he needs to handle brats, burgers, or prime cuts. The long knife is especially handy for those times when he’ll want to slice to check the doneness of some meat without having to remove it from the grill or singe the hair on his arms. And the slick case will make it easy to take with him in the event of a cookout at a park or tailgate.

5-Piece Grill Set, $49.99


Sound Investment

In the last few years, Bluetooth audio has continued to improve, with better sound fidelity even in more compact packages like this Doss Touch. This little speaker—which features two 6W speakers and 12 hours of battery life—works great for the bedroom, den, or out on the patio during a backyard barbecue.

Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $32.99


Fresh Kicks

Jason Markk is the godfather of clean kicks. Back in 2007, this sneakerhead used household cleaners to scrub his shoes, but found they didn’t do the job that well. So he created his own brand of cleaning products, designed specifically for shoe materials like rubber, leather, and synthetics. Markk’s Essentials Bundle includes his proprietary cleaning solution, standard brush, microfiber cloth, and a softer brush for use on suede, nubuck, and knits.

Jason Markk Essentials Bundle, $36


Form and Function

Lots of phone cases are clunky abominations—all function and no form. That’s not true of Native Union’s digital accessories, however. They eschew rubber and plastic for leather and wood to give a touch of elegance to your tech. With the Clic Card, which comes in black or brown leather, Dad can protect his phone and carry a credit card with some style.

Native Union Clic Card, $49.99


Lost and Found

If your dad can be a little forgetful sometimes—like trying to remember where his keys are in the morning—get him a Tile, and his problems are solved. Simply attach a Tile to a keychain or remote control or whatever item he misplaces, and he’ll be able to find it with the touch of a button on his iPhone.

Tile Mate, $25


Beer Me

Now that dad has a handy home beer-brewing kit, the proper glassware is needed. These double-walled acrylic pint glasses are filled with a cooling gel that will keep the beer nice and frosty for up to two hours.

16 oz. Cooling Beer Glasses, $34.18