Published on June 14, 2019

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photo courtesy of hay design

Grab your feather duster and clear a space on your nightstand: There’s a new lighting trend that you’re going to want to get your hands on. The only thing is, it’s not new at all. Pleated lampshades, last popular in the latter half of the 20th century, are back in full force.

Now before you pick up just any pleated lampshade, let’s be clear about the ones that are having their moment in the, well, spotlight. The designs we’re talking about feature super-crisp pleats made out of cotton or paper—no soft fabric folds here—making the once retro detail feel contemporary and fresh.

If you go the vintage route, look for mid-century Danish designs—you’ve likely already seen a few gracing the Instagram feeds of your favorite vintage dealers. For new styles, you’re in luck: Hay recently put out its own take on the emerging trend (the lamps come in 11 colors), and, for a more considerable investment, designer Oscar Piccolo’s umbrella-like fixtures make a bold statement. Get ahead of the game and shop our picks, below.

The Big Shot

On the hunt for a pendant? Menu’s oversize, skirt-like felt lamp will add just the right amount of drama to your kitchen or living room. Defined ridges and soft edges work together to give this piece a modern feel.

The Trendsetter

Oscar Piccolo’s curvy, pleated lights are to your living room what tiny umbrellas are to your cocktail: They instantly make things more festive. We especially love this subtle rosy hue.

The Golden Touch

Leave it to Hay to make an old-school style feel of-the-moment. The design’s off-center metal stand creates the ideal task light—your desk has never looked so cool.

The Patterned Pick

Josef Frank’s whimsical patterns infuse traditional pleats with funky spirit. Consider pairing this little guy with a sconce fixture for maximum delight.

The Simple Silhouette

A pared-down palette makes testing out a playful trend less intimidating. The white and black color scheme and simple shape of this piece by Studio Sayso make it a great choice for those who lean more minimal.

The Double Take

A pleated lampshade proves to be the ideal vehicle for incorporating two colors at once—one on the interior, one on the exterior. Plus, this biodegradable fixture is affordable and ethically made.

The Scandi Sconce

It’s true: Wall sconces make your home look more put-together, less like a temporary landing pad. This vintage option is a plug-in style, so it’s ideal for renters. The soft glow of the lamp, paired with an architectural beechwood arm, gives off soothing Scandi vibes.

The Tallboy

Can’t decide whether your end table is more deserving of a sculpture or a lamp? Go with this original mid-century Danish option. At 57 inches tall, it has an especially commanding presence.

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