Published on June 10, 2019

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photography by cody guilfoyle

A simple cylinder vessel, black or clear glass, with a white label featuring a minimalist, all-caps typeface. This is what most status candles have looked like for the past few years. The origin of this trend can be traced back to Byredo, but it’s also been embraced by smaller brands, like Context and Heretic. Even Diptyque—beloved by the most discerning noses—doesn’t fall too far out of line from this standardized style, with the exception of its more experimental label. Now, however, there’s a new class of candles challenging the status quo—and they’re a reason to get fired up.

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photography by cody guilfoyle
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photography by cody guilfoyle

The coolest candles around today are colorful and inventive, and—most important—they don’t stick to a strict style that’s long inundated the shelves of luxury stores and home boutiques alike. Those ubiquitous white-label candles have appeared in far too many Instagram shots of bedside tables and beyond. It’s time for something new.

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photography by cody guilfoyle
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photography by cody guilfoyle

Sure, the widespread appeal of minimalism may have made traditional black and white candles popular, but that doesn’t mean that colorful ones are inherently maximalist. Take Boy Smells’s latest collection, the Chromesthesia Series, which features translucent jars in electric hues of yellow, green, and purple, paired with the brand’s trademark pink label. They’re simple but invigorating—a pop of color, after all, can do everyone some good. So why not find your perfect palette?

The Serene Swirl

If you’re sensitive to fragrance, never fear: This candle by Espelma is all about appearances. And it’s totally scent-free. You’re definitely going to want to save the jar.

The Bountiful Bouquet

By now, Otherland is known and beloved for its saturated vessels and invigorating fragrances. The brand’s spring line takes flower power to the next level with potent scents like shiso leaf, lilac, and sugar beet.

The Apple of Your Eye

Admittedly, you might not feel compelled to burn this candle from Bitossi Home—but it would make a great final touch for that living room vignette you’ve been working on.

The Fresh Frenchie

Diptyque isn’t the only French fragrance brand in the game. Kerzon’s muted green candle has an earthy scent that’s inspired by Parisian gardens. So chic, right?

The Beach Day

Of course Miami-based retailer The Webster has a signature candle that’s practically summer in a jar. The scent of orange blossoms and a translucent orange vessel make the perfect olfactory-visual pairing.

The Helping Hand

Inspired by an ex-voto—a spiritual offering—unearthed in Syria in the 1850s, this handy candle makes for a decidedly quirky dresser accent. Or it might just be the playful touch your mantel has been needing.

The Fresh Florals

Even if you think you don’t like fruity scents, Boy Smells’s latest line might just prove otherwise. Complex notes such as hinoki, powdery musk, and pink peppercorn make simple scents like mandarin, Sicilian lemon, and rhubarb decidedly cooler.

The Pop of Color

Not ready to give up black and white just yet? Nomad Noe sees you and presents its collection of colorfully capped candles. The caps, of course, double as pedestals. A nice, long, 55-hour burn time makes it easy to keep the good vibes going.

The Refreshing Remix

Yes, even the candle industry is not immune to the ongoing abstract pattern trend—and that’s a good thing! This jar will make a great storage vessel for cotton balls or jewelry once the candle is all burned out.

The Perfect Peaches

No two of these candles are alike, because their votives are hand-molded, using water. Pretty cool, huh? A balanced mix of peach and neroli gives off a sophisticated fragrance.

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