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Ah, the Swede life: Two Swedish brands, IKEA and cult-favorite fragrance maker Byredo, just joined forces on a collection of 13 limited-edition candles, 10 of which are available starting November 1. (The rest will launch in February.) And in true IKEA fashion, they come at a cool price: The smallest sizes are just $5, the next up are $10, and bigger versions of some scents cost $25.

The Osynlig collection, named after the Swedish word for “invisible,” is the brainchild of Byredo founder Ben Gorham, who says the collab focuses on “invisible design,” aka the things that personalize your home but can’t be seen by the naked eye, like scent, lighting, and mood. To help you find your space’s signature aroma, he’s divided them by their three base notes: floral, woody, and fresh.

Courtesy of IKEA

To further set the mood, each candle canister is glazed with two colors that represent the paired ingredients inside, then the whole thing is stamped with a triangle, which symbolizes top notes (what you smell first) and base notes (the ones that settle in your nose for a while). 

So…how do they smell? Tea Leaves & Verbena is a light daytime burner, while Rose & Raspberries has a fruity lean. And Sandalwood & Vanilla is a moody, rich fragrance that should be so much more expensive than its extremely reasonable price tag. We’ll take them all, please.

Courtesy of IKEA

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