Published on April 27, 2019

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Exactly one year ago, Urban Outfitters made our decor dreams come true with the launch of its Artist Editions Series—a curated collection of limited edition goods by ultra-talented makers from across the country. The fashion-forward retailer’s artisanal debut, which included works like Virginia Sin’s sculptural fruit bowls and Ted Feighan’s floral pillowcases, caused quite a commotion.

Still, once the hype died down last spring, we fell back into our regular shopping routine—an easy thing to do when you consider the fact that Urban Outfitters drops six furniture collections in the same day. Little did we know, as we were browsing its new spring lineup that the brand was quietly restocking the Artist Editions page. Today, shoppers will find candy-colored mugs by ceramicist Dustin Barzell, Julia Ballenger’s rebellious and body-positive vases, and Cole and Lauren Hansen’s creatively configured “ugly” rugs.

Frankly, we were shocked to find how much we’ve been missing out on. To bring you up to speed, here are seven incredible finds we uncovered in our most recent search.

The Rug That Makes You Feel a Little Loopy

Once we saw NYC-based studio Ugly Rugly’s psychedelic rugs, we knew we’d never look at a floor the same way. The unconventional structures and serpentine shapes will lend an exotic feel to any living room or bedroom it graces.

The Vase You Don’t Need to Fill

X marks the spot. Philadelphia-based ceramicist Peyton Flynn has mastered the art of the vase silhouette. Her two-toned vessel can be used to display both flowers or candles, depending on the mood, though, it’s just as striking when left to stand its own ground.

The Aroma That Keeps on Giving

Why choose just one color when you can have them all? Elevate your fragrance game with an incense holder that will heighten every sense. When you’re not playing a game of scent roulette, this hypnotic stand will double as a rad art object.

The Silent Chime

Katie Sue Weissel’s stained-glass creations start and finish in her Los Angeles garage. Connected by delicate ribbons of twine, the artist’s chime-like wall hanging embodies the fragility of her craft. Hang this pink piece in the place of a print or painting.

The Statement Basket

We’ve seen our fair share of woven baskets, but this whimsical catchall takes the cake. Childlike decor and chunky forms are enjoying a comeback right now, and this happy storage essential fits right in with its exaggerated loops for handles.  

The Pillow That Feels Like a Vacation

As if pulled directly from the pages of The Jungle Book, this scenic throw pillow isn’t one you just casually toss on the sofa and forget about. Self-taught artist Jarmel makes a case for ditching ordinary palm prints for pictorial landscapes. It might even inspire you to take a walk on the wild side.

The Extraterrestrial Vessel

If there was an apocalypse, this vase would be the first thing we’d grab. Don’t be fooled by its foreign structure: The speckled vessel can hold a lot more than you think. Fill its three converging slots with dried stems and wispy florals for an arrangement that’s out of this world.

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