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Assorted clear vessels, event-branded pints, novelty tumblers amassed through the years, maybe even a few of those Welch’s jelly jars from the ’90s: These are the kinds of things that make up the average person’s collection of drinking glasses. But there is, I believe, convincing reason to opt for something a bit more colorful. You see, a set of rainbow marbled glasses by BaleFire Glass has been haunting my every waking thought ever since I first laid eyes upon them more than a month ago.

I first saw BaleFire’s Epiphany Cups in Flamingo on Spartan Shop, where the glassware’s dreamy mixture of sherbet-y orange, fresh lavender, and thin swishes of red, white, and yellow caught my attention. These hues, mixed in such a way to ensure every single cup is unique, seem to evoke the image of a blissful summer sunset, one with few worries and plentiful tiny pleasures. Out of one of these glasses, I could sip water that I’ve mixed with mint and lime. I could keep it next to me as I sit on a patio, a gentle breeze keeping me cool as I dive deep into my to-be-read pile of summer books.

This is, of course, a fantasy—though one that’s not altogether without reason. BaleFire’s vessels are a splurge (at $80 a glass), so they’re pretty firmly out of my own price point. But summer’s made for daydreams, isn’t it?


While these very glasses might not be destined to end up in my kitchen cabinet, I can’t help but use this moment to pause and admire the beauty of other colorful glassware. One thing’s clear: The coolest drinking glasses might not be.

The one that evokes images of the Italian seaside

_Macchia Su Macchia_ set of two glasses
Macchia Su Macchia Set of Two Glasses, Wallpaper Store ($173)

Made of Murano glass—a Venetian material that’s been in production since the 13th century—the blue-and-white tumblers feel even more special thanks to their unique texture. Now just imagine how good fresh-squeezed orange juice would taste out of one of these.

The one that understands simple is best

Evna Highball Glasses
Evna Highball Glasses, Anthropologie ($56)

Listen: The multicolored route isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself more of a minimalist, won’t you consider how much a simple sweep of turquoise can lift your mood this summer? For $56, you can pick up a whole set of four, which you’ll undoubtedly use for all your dinner parties to come.

The one that’s a party in a glass

Citron Dof Glass, Hawkins New York ($16)

Sure, a splash of Prosecco is bound to make (almost) any beverage feel instantly more festive, but your glasses can have just as powerful an effect. These cheerful yellow cups by Hawkins New York aren’t just the ideal vessel for lemonade—they’re also dishwasher safe.


The one that marches to the beat of its own drum

goto large glass
Set Of Two Goto Large Glass, LagunaB ($240)

Why would you ever settle for a clear drinking glass when you can opt for one with this much pizzazz? LagunaB’s cheeky, doodle-inspired cups are the whimsical final touch your dining table has been wanting—no need to shell out for a new tablecloth or centerpiece.

The one that’s graduated from summer camp

Hand dyed Kokomo Cup
Hand Dyed Kokomo Cup, Upstate ($48)

Yes, this cup from Upstate certainly has tie-dyed vibes—but it’s totally grown-up, too. We won’t judge you if you use it for your favorite childhood fruit punch, though.

The one that’s permanently on vacation

Mine Tumbler Blue
Mine Tumbler Blue, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien ($23)

Sky meets sea in this ethereal cobalt blue tumbler. Its ever-so-slightly irregular shape makes it feel a little more special than your usual go-to water glass.

The one that’s got snack time handled

Murano Fairywren Bowl, Kindred Black ($140)

When you’re splitting a bottle of rosé with your close friends, of course you can’t just feel satiated with drinks—you need some snacks, too. This delightful Murano glass bowl is the perfect vessel for serving up olives, Marcona almonds, or fresh figs.


The one that will look nice on your mantel

Studio Xaquixe Garrafon, Kindred Black ($50)

Not all glasses are meant for drinking! This delightfully corked bottle is best for decorative use, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less dear to us. A simple swirl of golden yellow is enough to make your home feel like summer all year long.

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