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This Color Palette Is Taking Over My Instagram “Saved” Folder

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My “saved” folder on Instagram is generally a healthy mix of outfits I’d surrender my left leg to own, snapshots of cool spaces to be used as fodder for future Domino stories, and aspirational perms I hope to one day work up the courage to try out. It’s a jungle out there. But the one thing I constantly refer to that folder for is color inspiration. Unlikely pairings can be found in anything from a vintage suit to a salad (the latter of which admittedly plays only a tiny role in my bookmarks), and there’s no better conglomerate of imagery to turn to for a daily injection of color than the treasure trove that is Instagram.


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Lately, one palette, in particular, seems to be making regular appearances in my feed. Saturated hues of tonal oranges and reds, with the occasional smattering of yellow, keep catching my eye and earning a bookmark in the process—maybe it’s due to the gloomy January weather and my attempt to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder via vibrant colors, but I can’t get enough of this striking combination. Someone should stop me before I redo my entire apartment in this color scheme.


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Luckily, this palette is one that’s becoming easier and easier to replicate. Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year hinted at the beginnings of it, and according to design industry insiders, the combination of orange and yellow is one to look out for this year. Blame the ’70s revival.


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Any way you spin it, this warm palette is one worth trying your hand at posthaste. If you’re looking for easy ways to add a bit of brightness to your space now that the sun has gone on sabbatical, the combination of oranges and reds and yellows is particularly topical. Here are some of our favorite finds to mix and match that make it easy to go bold—no paint necessary.


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For the bedroom…

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so start out strong with bedding that anchors the space and instantly draws the eye. Honey-hued linens are more subdued than a shocking orange but are a refreshing change from the all-white schemes we’re leaving behind in 2018.

If you never upgraded your nightstand light from your trusty Ikea piece, take the plunge on this vibrant poppy red lamp. The sculptural shape adds more to your space than just light.

Did you resolve to get better sleep in 2019? You’ll need light-blocking curtains, and these burnt-orange ones are a great way to bring color to your walls if you’re not sure about wallpaper or paint.

Opt for deep crimson blooms or sunny yellow flowers to turn one simple vase into a serious color palette moment.

For the living room…

This velvety persimmon couch is simply begging for a mustard-hued throw blanket or a lighter orange–toned throw pillow. Or both.

Speaking of which, this washed linen rust-colored pillow will do the trick.

If you’re bored of traditional wood or acrylic living room tables, try something a little bolder. This red-orange table is an affordable way to re-energize your space—plus, thanks to the simple Scandinavian silhouette, it won’t clash with your pre-existing decor.

Chic candles are an essential part of any well-styled vignette; Grain’s Totem collection is a great alternative to regular tapered sticks. Pick the terra-cotta shade to mix and match with other candles in deep red for a moody combo sure to elevate your mantel decor.

Head to your local bodega or flower shop to pick up an assortment of florals in this saturated color palette. They’ll feel right at home in this contemporary amber-hued glass vase.

For the dining room…

Coasters are more than just a functional tool your mother used to berate you for not using—they’re also a great way to add texture to your tablescape. Brick red mosaic tiles serve as the perfect anchor to colored glassware.

You might be hesitant about imbuing your table with pumpkin orange, but when the aforementioned pumpkin orange comes in the form of a chic linen tablecloth, the whole thing feels elegant rather than Halloween-y.

A classic mid-century silhouette meets a modern color for a dining room or kitchen chair that’ll dress up any table.

Sprucing up everyday routines is sometimes as simple as new textiles; the careful stitching on these golden yellow napkins will make even Wednesday night takeout feel more special.

Add these dark orange glasses to your bar cart for an unexpected pop of color.

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