Published on October 27, 2018


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As much as we love seeing how everything in a room comes together, sometimes it’s good to take a closer look and focus on the details. Well-styled vignettes, usually composed of collected trinkets and beautiful accents, can just as much of the main attraction as a statement sofa. There’s an art to them. Carefully chosen colors, perfectly balanced scale, and an eclectic mix of objects are all elements that result in a visually interesting nook.

These are the moments we love to bookmark for inspiration—and given the current season, we’re pulling together a few of our favorite autumnal-ready vignettes to celebrate.


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Subdued earthy hues comprise the backdrop for this simple yet impactful design moment, which even strict minimalists can get behind. Dusty rose feels perfect for the muted tones that characterize the outdoors this season. Opt for dried flowers or natural grass instead of fresh flowers to stay in line with the softer theme for your vignette.

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Courtesy of Fantastic Frank

Sometimes, the best decor can be found right in front of you—and it’s absolutely free. Change small elements of your nook out, like branches of fiery red or burnt orange leaves collected from your backyard or neighborhood park, to play up fall without veering into cliché. 


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There’s something about the season that makes us want to embrace the cozy and the casual—which explains why we’re so drawn to this idea of mismatched, rustic open shelving. If you’re someone who has meticulously collected beautiful ceramics or woven baskets through your travels, try pairing them all together in one contained area for a vignette that shows off your best pieces in style. Bonus points if you stick to an autumnal color palette, like this little corner.

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Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

At the intersection of two of our favorite trending fall colors (lilac and maroon), you’ll find this stunning shade of berry. A vignette is the perfect place to test it out—maybe as the backdrop to your open shelving, or an accent wall in your living room. It definitely packs a bold punch, so keeping the rest of the area slightly pared back is the way to go if you’re feeling hesitant about it being overly saturated.


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Even if your dining room is currently more of a dining-for-one situation via a fold-out table or bar stool, you can still spruce it up for fall. Staggered tapered candles in ombre shades of warm tones and a bold floral arrangement comprised of some of in-season blooms and colors is a low-lift (and low-cost) update that can turn your breakfast nook into something worthy of a formal fête.

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Photography by Kate Zimmerman Turpin

Photographer Kate Zimmerman Turpin knows a thing or two about crafting the perfect vignette—her travel-inspired holiday home just outside of Austin is full of them. This nook in her bedroom is the perfect rustic minimalist workspace. Keep clutter to a minimum by choosing a desk with drawers, then add in some decorative bowls and an maybe some artwork to keep the area from feeling too work-driven. Ambiguity is the name of the game here; it might be your home office nook, but it doesn’t have to look like it.

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Photography by Yasmine Bohéas

What we have here is the quintessential fall vignette. Neutral shades peppered with orange? Check. Rustic wooden furniture that wouldn’t feel out of place in a cozy cabin? Check. Soft knits and textiles adding warmth to the area? Check. This nook is a lesson in entryway styling, and we’re taking notes.

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Photography by Sandra Rojo | Design by Maria de la Orden

Your nightstand doesn’t have to be a space to which you relegate clutter and homeless functional items like chargers or Advil. Eschew a standard end table for a smaller coffee table-esque option to instantly elevate the nook, then approach it as you would an empty mantel or dresser top. Stacked colorful boxes add interest and sneaky storage, while an asymmetrical mirror draws the eye up.  


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Every now and then, it’s okay to indulge in a little stereotype and go for something overtly seasonal. A tiny white pumpkin does the trick. Balanced out with more timeless elements, like an assortment of glassware and minimalist greenery, it feels playful yet sophisticated.

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Courtesy of Homestead Seattle

The cutest little dining room vignette, featuring antique-looking pieces full of charm. The vintage artwork, cozy bistro-style seating, and accents of greenery all culminate in the perfect spot in which to enjoy a steaming hot mug of coffee on a chilly autumn weekend morning. To mimic the look, hit up your local flea market or thrift store to scour for unique decor that looks like it comes with its own history. Steer clear of anything that looks too sleek and contemporary.

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