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As much as we love seeing how everything in a room comes together, sometimes you learn more by taking a closer look and focusing on the details. Well-styled vignettes (usually composed of collected trinkets and eye-catching accents), though small, can be just as much of a main attraction as a statement sofa. There’s an art to them. Carefully chosen colors, perfectly balanced scale, and an eclectic mix of objects results in a visually interesting nook.

From perfectly arranged entryways to the coziest place to curl up with a book, these eight moments are the ones we have bookmarked for inspiration.

So you have some extra space on top of your dresser. Instead of littering it with jewelry and the like, keep the surface bare except for a few sculptural vases and complementary-colored artwork to make your bedroom look a little lighter à la this simple, neutral space. 

Gallery walls can so often feel uniform—so take a page from this vignette’s book and play around with scale and height. Starting the display from the ground up not only makes it more visually interesting, but you can squeeze in so many more personal collectibles this way. 

Carve out a spot (even if it’s just a few feet) where you can unwind in the company of a good book. All you need? A cushy armchair, a table for your beverage of choice, and a couple pieces to bring some life to the space—be it a bright print or a potted plant

Yes, your kitchen is a utilitarian space, but you can also treat it as a mini gallery of your favorite things. Here, an assortment of decidedly noncooking-related items adds a personal feel and makes for quite the photogenic nook in one fell swoop.

Who says you need expensive art and designer-grade decor to pack a punch? A few of your favorite prints, clipped up on a string in lieu of formal frames, and natural accents (literally: peep this leafy branch) do the trick.

If you don’t have room for a bulky organizational fixture, focus on imbuing your foyer with charm instead. A farmhouse-style bench is both a spot to lace up those shoes before you head out and a surface on which to display some cozy touches. 

Photography by Sandra Rojo; Design by Maria de la Orden

Your nightstand doesn’t have to be a space to which you relegate clutter and functional (but otherwise homeless) items like chargers or aspirin. Eschew a standard end table for a mini coffee table to instantly elevate a corner, then approach it as you would an empty mantel or dresser top. Stacked colorful boxes add interest and sneaky storage, while an asymmetrical mirror draws the eye up.  

To mimic the look of this antiques-filled dining nook, hit up your local flea market or thrift store and spend a lazy weekend scouring for one-of-a-kind treasures (like a porcelain pot or framed illustration) that will really make eating that Monday morning muesli feel at least a bit more special.   

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