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We’ve officially entered the capstone of pure autumnal bliss and with that we welcome a new season of fresh ideas and inspiration. Chromatically speaking, we’re seeing a major shift from the vibrant and light-hearted hues, which emulated summer’s carefree vibes in favor of those that skew towards the moodier end of the tonal spectrum.
Vivid yellows and primary reds are taking a temporary leave of absence, leaving in their wake room for the daring and deeply saturated. Drawing inspiration from the quintessential elements that encapsulate the season, the colors leading autumn’s trends are nothing short of captivating. From orange to burgundy and every complementary hue in between, read on to get the scoop on the colors we’ll be decorating with all season long.

Blue and Orange

Two vibrantly contrasting shades, each more alluring and characteristically defined than the other: blue and orange make for a naturally complementary pairing. Consider it a high-risk, high-reward situation. While in a sense it can be intimidating to integrate the two within an interior, the benefits of the defined effect that will ensue is typically worth overcoming the challenge of it, hence why it’s a duo we’re strongly coveting this season.
Just take designer Frances Merrill‘s LA home as an example: a soothing shade of soft blue (Benjamin Moore’s Sea Star, to be exact) establishes the tone of the room, bringing with it a feeling of calm and tranquility. The backdrop of the room makes way for the addition for an array of eclectically-colored furnishings and decorative accents, each one playing off of the tonal details of the other. As the arguable focal point of the space, a pair of woven leather chairs steals the spotlight, falling right in line with the preset aesthetic. With that, the duo manages to provide the ultimate dose of contrast courtesy of the delicate orange hue that each one bears.

For those looking to emulate the pairing in a more subtle manner, think smaller in scale. Committing to a fresh coat of paint for your walls can be a touch excessive—although, blues are about as timeless as it gets…but we digress. You may just as easily implement the scheme within a more contained setting, one that entails a concentrated mix of the two. We’re irrevocably inspired by this beachside setting, which manages to draw on the depth of the two hues, resulting in a high-contrast setup that feels fresh and invigorating.


It’s no secret that lilac has been a color on the rise—and for good reason at that. As millennial pink spent more than its fair share of time in the limelight, we are collectively all too ready to embrace its delicate alternative, one that promises to lend a similarily subtle-yet-impactful detail, much like the former is so well known for. Versatility is at the core of the color’s visual profile, one that allows it to be easily integrated within a wide variety of decorative styles.

The bedroom can be a prime spot for the hue—its calming essence is one that will not only contribute a relaxing detail but can play to an array of both contemporary and traditional settings. For a relatively more seasonal spin on lilac, couple it with shades that belong to a boldly saturated palette. Lilac paired with a deep purple (maroon and burgundy also make for ideal counterparts) can evoke an elegantly defined detail to a room.

Prinkshop’s Pamela Bell embraced the hue in its entirety when it came to her historic townhouse, allowing the luxe tone to blanket the room with an aesthetically-pleasing quality that borders on the incomparable. Vintage dressers of a deep teal tone come in strong with an inspired element of contrast, distracting the eye from the splashes of lilac scattered throughout. At the base of the room, a fine gray rug establishes a grounding note that further ties the diverse range of shades together.

On the more (arguably) subtle end of the spectrum, you may also bring the hue home by way of an accented detail. Big or small, we’ll leave that one up to you but a plush velvet sofa—like the one in Claire Darrow Mosier‘s London home—can certainly transform even the most decoratively pared-down spaces.


Consider it a natural segway from the deeper-toned purples and wine-inspired hues that are equally making their mark this season. Per the season’s temperatural shift we find ourselves equally leaning towards darker colors.

Offset the intensity of these hues with delicate neutrals that range from off-white to mellow pops of yellow. Take note from Mia Moretti‘s graphically-charged NYC home where the bold walls are beautifully balanced out by a slew of gradient accents that result in a unique top-down approach. Satured hits of red, orange, and yellow are intermixed, providing a reprise from the intensity of the backdrop’s tone.

Bring the Look Home

Looking for ways to recreate these inspired shades at home? Ahead, you’ll find the pieces we are absolutely swooning for this season.

Orange Crush 

Bright and bold, think of this zesty hue as the cool cousin to classic red.

Lilac Dreams

Graphic prints, unexpected materials, and sculptural forms give lavender a new edge.

True Blue 

The quintessential color looks fresh in vivid aquamarine and Yves Klein–approved accents.

Fine Wine 

From a burgundy denim set to a maroon cat-eye, say hello to the season’s moody neutral.