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Let’s Face It—Your Bathroom Decor Needs a Refresh

12 eclectic ways to re-energize your space.

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It’s a universally acknowledged truth that the best ideas always come about in the shower, whether you expect it, or not. The bathroom is a place for creativity, so it’s time to start treating it like one. After all, the right print or wall decoration can transform your space into a revitalizing oasis without requiring you to shell out on a new tub or tile renovation. Placing art in your bathroom is the decor equivalent of using a fancy bath bomb: it looks cool, feels good, and makes the bathing experience all the more special.

A statement piece of art will energize your bathroom in one foolproof swoop, which doesn’t have to break your budget or consume a ton of time. Just remember: if you opt for a print, go for an affordable pick and don’t skip the frame, as steam can easily warp paper.

Now, check out these unexpected pieces, get the faucet running, and soak up all the bathroom inspiration you need.

The Whale Room, Lianne Nixon, $32

Marine life is a beloved (yet often overplayed) bathroom motif, but this charming print gives it a new perspective. The rich orange base of this room is a surprising and invigorating hue that will pop in a small space.

Wire Wall Art – Profile of a Woman’s Body Lying Naked, Morphing Pot, $62

Constructed out of wire, this simplistic wall sculpture is well-suited to elevate a white wall with minimal effort. Its nude silhouette is just abstract enough to bring a saucy touch to your bathroom.

Indeed, They Are, Minted, $254

Multicolored peaks in an array of ultra-saturated hues make for an untraditional, yet deeply satisfying, landscape. If you’re tempted to wade into some maximalist waters, use this print as an easy first step.

Greece, Leonie Leonhardt, $23

Clean lines, sherbert-inspired pastels, and simple sketching make this print a fresh, subtle choice if you’re looking to add just a little bit of color to your space.

Early Morning Landscape, Becca Stadtlander, $27

If you’re more of a traditionalist, a serene landscape is a classic choice to adorn blank walls. With its pink, watercolor sky and reflecting stream, this pastoral piece can give your space a breath of fresh air—no windows necessary.

Dots #4” Print, Leif Shop, $148

Pretty polka dots are basically visual candy, but the subtle irregularity of the dots on this print gives them a human touch. This print makes for a sweet accent when placed near a bathroom mirror.

Silan Art Print, Tracie Andrews, $24

A pop of yellow always feels like an energy-boosting treat, and when it’s served up in a delicate array of abstract circles, it’s even more delightful. This pretty print is under $25, too, making it an affordable pick with major impact.

Potted Prayer Plant Framed Art Print, Ambers Textiles, $41

Whether you have a serious green thumb or you’re convinced that you’ve been cursed to forever be a cactus killer, a plant print brings just the right amount of greenery to a barren wall. If you’re feeling ambitious, pair it with a live plant in a hanging planter.

Minimal #1, Vontrueba, $40

A simple nude illustration feels just right in a space as intimate as the bathroom. This minimalist option, printed on muted millennial pink paper, is versatile enough to suit a wide array of design tastes.

Beach Day 1, Chairish, $175

Blues and greens can create a calming atmosphere, but abstract lines and dots prevent this playful print from sticking to the status quo.

Abstract Painting Modern Wood Wall Sculpture, D.Elizabeth Studios, $295

The best thing about this original, abstract block art is that it allows you some freedom to get creative yourself: Stack the cubes according to your own taste or assemble them in a unique configuration, and you’ll be able to make your bathroom truly feel like your own.

Below the Sea, Minted, $254

This dramatic, Rothko-esque print looks rich when displayed in an otherwise minimalist space. Keep your towel and shower curtain color-scheme simple, and let this piece do all the talking for a strikingly contemporary effect.

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