8 Cool Color Combos Inspiring Team Domino Right Now

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Photography by Meghan McNeer

We’re constantly on the hunt for a fresh new color palette to inspire our next decor project (or visit to the nail salon). And between sweet pastels and punchy primary hues, we’ve already seen our fair share of colorful inspo to work with—plus, a few more options that are both timeless and unexpected. Read on to discover the color palettes our editors are loving right now. Spoiler alert: It looks like pink is an all-around team favorite.


Red & Blue | Lydia Geisel, Contributing Writer

I swear it’s not because the Fourth just happened! There’s something so fundamental and brilliant about a primary palette, and a super light blue matched with a fiery red is absolute heaven… not to mention, patriotic.
Photography by Kristin Limoges

Cerulean Blue & Rosé Pink | Kristin Limoges, Wellness Editor

Ever since I sat poolside at the private villas at Castello di Reschio in Umbria, Italy, I haven’t quite been the same. I’m having a hard time understanding why I’m not there right now, sitting beside this cerulean blue pool with a glass of crisp, chilled rosé in hand. Should we all band together and buy an Italian villa together? Great, agreed!
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Lavender & Yellow | Mackenzie Dunn, Contributing Writer

Move over millennial pink, now’s the time for Gen Z-lavender—preferably paired with yellow, like in this cool living room setup. These complimentary colors feel fresh in pastel or saturated in deeper hues, and can range from lighter lilac to ochre shades of yellow. As opposite sides of the color wheel, this color combo was meant to be, no matter what variation you chose. Glad to see the light purple shade of my childhood bedroom is finally making a comeback.

Rust & Blush Pink | Lahaina Alcantara, Digital Photo Editor

My obsession with a desert-inspired color palette persists. I grew up in Las Vegas and as an adult returning to the city, my favorite thing to do is to hike around Red Rock Canyon. The color palette is so striking, and I’m excited to see it have its moment in the design world right now.

Emerald Green & Pale Pink | Hayley Squire, Email Marketing Manager

These two colors give off such a romantic energy to me. The pale pink is so soft and gentle while the emerald green has that healthy, feel-good vibe. Both colors are timeless so it’s kind of like a subtle play on classics. I support this color combo even more as the holidays approach.

Electric Blue & Bold Yellow | Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor

I’ve started seeing this electric blue pop up more and more, and I love it paired with anything, but especially pastels and other punchy hues like a bold yellow. This floral arrangement by @brrch_floral sums up my current palette nicely.

Apricot Orange & Philodendron Green | Cyrus Ferguson, Reader Experience

Over the last few days I’ve had this shot stuck in my mind. It’s the exterior courtyard of a home in Tequesquitengo, Mexico, remodeled by Mexico City-based firm, Productora, and all I want is to soak up rays in that Breuer. Seeing this range of dusty hues span from a more saturated carrot, to a pastel Creamsicle, all blending together with that coarse clay texture, is really captivating. Furthermore, it pairs naturally with a lush hit of green courtesy of the garden’s greenery.


Tangerine + Pink | Elly Leavitt, Associate Digital Editor

Haute Couture week just wrapped, and I can’t stop thinking about the Valentino show! The expert craftsmanship and insane work that so clearly went into every piece in the show-stopping collection is exactly what couture is supposed to be about. And since I unfortunately have neither the funds nor the occasion to wear these dresses (a good look for a quick Trader Joe’s run, right?), my takeaway instead is this vibrant color combo. Orange and pink is a perennial favorite of mine; I also love playing with different shades of both colors to build out the pairing into more of a palette—like in this shot from one of my fave Instagram stores, I Am That Shop.

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