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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

We’ve done our fair share of reporting on paint trends and the colors you should be decorating with, and for those who find themselves inclined to revamp their space, the process usually begins with the selection of a single hue. Decoratively speaking, it’s relatively easy to go from there, especially if you’re working with a minimalist or traditional scheme. But, for those feeling up to the challenge of embracing a medley of new colors, we’re here with some sage advice.

When it comes to pairing colors with one another, there are a handful of ways to go around it: You have the classic combos (pink and blue), high-contrast (black and white), and the unexpected (yellow and purple). So how does one exactly make it work? That’s where we come in. We set out to unearth the duos (and trios) that will instill a major refresh within your home. From the bold and the avant-garde to the classic-yet-statement-worthy neutrals, take a peek at the hues we’ll be bringing home this year.


Blue + Blue

Settling on one particular shade of blue can be a challenge in itself, but finding two tonal variations of it is a different story. Lately, we’ve seen a number of spaces that have been pairing two seemingly similar shades of blue together, which offer up the ever-so-slightest element of contrast, much like that of the entry of this Parisian apartment.



Cook’s Blue, Farrow & Ball Lulworth Blue, Farrow & Ball Parma Gray, Farrow & Ball


White + Terracotta

The key to making an almost exclusively whitewashed space feel fresh and exciting? Designating a contrasting color detail in an unexpected way: think floors, ceilings, or even a bold color block. We’re taking a page from Georgia O’Keefe’s New Mexico hacienda, where the bare white walls are beautifully complemented by the rich, earthy tone of the mud-plaster flooring.


White Wool, Behr Western Pink, Valspar

Photography by JOE FLETCHER

Blue + Cream 

Consider this the new way to do neutrals: Pale, creamy walls uplifted by a dynamic blue ceiling. Take cues from this Brooklyn apartment, where the ceilings are clad in a deeply saturated blue, complementing the modern-meets-industrialized aesthetic and inviting a welcome pop of personality.



Hague Blue, Farrow & Ball Ammonite, Farrow & Ball


Green + White

Aside from being one of the most Instagrammable bathrooms in NYC, Verde’s geometrically-charged paint job proves that there is no such thing as too many shades of green. Take a tonal approach to your space—implementing this in the powder room or laundry is highly encouraged—by opting for a curated palette of greens (think 3-4 variations) and balance the mix with a high-contrast hue.


Hunter Green, Benjamin Moore Garden Green, Benjamin Moore Meadowlands Green, Benjamin Moore Surf Green, Benjamin Moore Blanched Pine, Valspar

Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

Black + Yellow + White

Going beyond the bumblebee-effect, offset the power couple that is black and yellow with a high-contrast neutral or striking white. Far less expected than the typical pairings, this trio is adaptable to a range of styles and is totally gender neutral should you decide to designate it for the little one’s room.


Pitch Black, Farrow & Ball Golden Yellow, Valspar Whisper White, Behr

Photography by LOUISE DESROSIERS | pictured: Marché Noir

Pink + Pink

We love this one for the powder room especially if you’ll be pairing the combo with retro pink tiles. Haven’t you heard? They’re making a comeback. Take note from this Parisian shop, where an influx of the hues in varying tones establish an atmospheric finish that’s both inspired and on-trend.



Harmonious Rose, Valspar Pink Cadillac, Benjamin Moore

Courtesy of Pierreherme.com and loccitane.com | Architect Laura Gonzalez | Mural frescoes by Atelier Roma 

Earthy Tones

Dubbed as one of the trending colors of the year, earthy tones have been making their mark in the world of design. While the spectrum of hues that are incorporated into this trend is rather broad, there are a handful of clear and underlying details that remain constant throughout: An element of contrast as well as a combination of colors that inspire a visually broad aesthetic.


Card Room Green, Farrow & Ball Raucous Orange, Sherwin-Williams Setting Plaster, Farrow & Ball


Blue + Yellow

We’re all for channeling a sun-drenched locale with this invigorating combo. Fresh, bright, and incomparably enlivening, pair soothing blues with a vibrant yellow to really make your space stand out. Bonus points for bringing in an added hint of warmth by way of a blush accent or saturated pink.



Wind Speed, Behr Sunny Jonquil, Valspar

Photography by JEREMY LIEBMAN

Pink + Purple + Orange

One would be hardpressed to pair these saturated hues together, and we’ll be the first to admit it: it can be pretty intimidating. That said, we can’t deny the stunning finish that results from utilizing the hues in a vibrant color block with a geometrically-inspired design, as seen in this lively bedroom.


Middleton Pink, Farrow & Ball Cerise, Sherwin-Williams Electric Orange, Benjamin Moore

Photography by ANNA KOCHARIAN

Red + White + Blue(ish)

This fresh combo vibrates with energy thanks to the invigorating depth of the red. Softened by the blue-lilac tint and balanced out with a sliver of white, the key to bringing this classic trio home is by going beyond the standard tonal variations of each shade.



Salsa, Benjamin Moore High Reflective White, Sherwin-Williams Surrender, Valspar


Yellow + Purple

A naturally complementary pairing, one would be hard-pressed to bring this untraditional duo into their home—by way of wall paints, of course. That said, we’re seriously into this chic color block where an even split between the two dynamic hues establishes a bold yet comforting detail to the space.


Gold Sand, Dunn Edwards Gentle Violet, Benjamin Moore

Photography by NIKOLE RAMSAY

Pink + Blue

There’s a reason this power combo was selected as Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year. Often earmarked for the nursery, we’re all for rethinking this quintessential tonal pairing for the bedroom with a slightly untraditional take: designating one of the hues for the walls while letting the other steal the show via the ceilings.



Ribbon Pink, Benjamin Moore Ballroom Blue, Behr

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