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Fashion designers, like the rest of us, have been stuck at home for some time now. With the fashion industry in flux — the Met Gala cancelled; fall fashion weeks up in the air — they are looking for inspiration and comfort right in their own living rooms. I talked to some of my favorite design friends, like Anna Sui, Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, and Brandon Maxwell, to find out which household items they are cherishing in lockdown. Here, they give us a peek inside their homes and share the unexpected things — silly mugs, quirky clocks, sentimental pillows — that are bringing them joy now. 

Anna Sui, designer of Anna Sui, at home in New York

Courtesy of Anna Sui

“These are some of my Gemma Taccogna papier-mâché objects. I love her work; it always makes me happy when I look at it. The exuberance of her colors, that 60’s palette, the fact that they are hand-made — I love when you can see that someone has touched these and made them with their hands. I remember seeing these in 60s magazines and movies.” 

Erdem Moralıoğlu, designer of Erdem, at home in London

Courtesy of Erdem Moralıoğlu

“This is a painting that I bought just before lockdown, from an auction in Sweden. It gives me great joy. I’ve been addicted to auctions for a long time. I have flare ups: When I’m stressed, I often have several things on the go from auctions. I love my mustached friend and his pensive stare which keeps us company during lockdown. It’s nice to have a new guest in the house. There is something about him that reminds me of life before all of this.”

Painting is signed EINAR NERMAN, oil on canvas glued to panel, signed, dated -08.

Simone Rocha, designer of Simone Rocha, at home in London

Courtesy of Simone Rocha

“Today, since we are all in our homes, my daughter has decided to redecorate our walls. Her pictures bring me so much joy. Here we have her picture of me and a self-portrait of her — they might be quite a true reflection of our mood in lockdown!” 

Guillaume Henry, designer of Patou, at home in Paris

Courtesy of Guillaume Henry

Courtesy of Guillaume Henry

“This is a view from a window in my little house outside Paris. To be stuck inside and still be able to witness springtime is a blessing! And I daily admire the strength of this really old tree, which blooms beautifully during this tough journey.  The second picture is an original drawing from the French artist Sempé. This waiter dancing in the air brings me hope and joy! I miss Parisian cafés, street life, and seeing my beloved friends so much. I even miss our moody French waiters.”

Kate and Laura Mulleavy, designers of Rodarte, at home in California

Courtesy of Kate and Laura Mulleavy

“Our mother made this artwork of California Poppies using cut paper in the 1970s. We found it in her art folios when we were young and pulled it out, inspired. We have used the artwork in Rodarte collections over the years as an emblem for the brand. The colors are so beautiful and give us such happiness.”

Batsheva Hay, designer of Batsheva, at home in New York

Courtesy of Batsheva Hay

“I love this hokey clock in this lake house we’re staying in. Why not turn a clock into a map of where you are? It’s two-in-one. The souvenir-style woodwork is pretty heart-warming.”

Irene Neuwirth, designer of Irene Neuwirth jewelry, at home in California

Courtesy of Irene Neuwirth

“This time has made me reflect on all, but feeling extra grateful for my business and team and friends and family. My home is filled with so many things I love that I have collected my entire life, so it’s hard to choose. My mom painted me the most glorious yellow and pink painting that is my absolute favorite. Oh, also: the pillow Pam Shamshiri gave me for my birthday of Teddy’s beautiful labradoodle face, felted.”

Brandon Maxwell, designer of Brandon Maxwell, at home in New York


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“This is a mug I drink my coffee out of every day. It seems like everything is changing so rapidly, so I find that this is a good happy way to start my day for the first few hours and keep my mind focused on staying positive.”

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