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Minimalism may come in many forms but at its core, the design movement is all about living with the pieces that mean the most to you—and nothing more. Blame it on the Marie Kondo effect, which has inspired us to rid our homes of clutter, or just the general fatigue from being around too much stuff.

New wave minimalism isn’t confined to the now-cliché image of a whitewashed room outfitted with only a handful of things. The concept has evolved to encompass more just paring down to the absolute bare necessities—especially with the emergence of maximal-minimalism (think: sleek lines but with a bold abstract pattern or vibrant colorway in the mix).

For more minimalist design inspiration, we turned to the designers and creatives who do it best.


Berlin-based creative Jules Villbrandt is all about merging #plantlife with the simplicity of modern Scandinavian style, and she does so with effortless ease.


Covering equal parts travel and design, brand designer Caroline Feiffer champions an aesthetic that’s all about finding beauty in the understated.


True to its name, The Art of Living’s Instagram account is built on celebrating self-care through the lens of travel, design, and fashion.

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AndyVillasana is here to redefine minimalism. The interior designer loves a good sculptural design detail, and he knows how to make a statement with it, too.

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We’d expect the designer and host of HGTV Unspouse My House to have good taste, but Orlando Soria takes it to another level–and has the following to prove it. His feed showcases his clients’ gorgeous homes with the bonus of his superstar captions.

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Online magazine Sight Unseen is a mecca of sorts for design lovers. The Instagram feed provides not only a healthy dose of modern design, but also a look at awe-inspiring interiors as well as home decor accessories from emerging and established designers.


This Nashville interior designer’s take on Instagram is classically, quietly beautiful. Follow Benjamin for a look at his work and his inspirations.


Fans of Scandi design, take note: British expat Niki Brantmark calls Sweden home and chronicles her beautifully minimalist life on her blog, my My Scandinavian Home. Grab a daily dose of interior design inspiration by scrolling through her feed—but be warned, you’ll want to makeover your home STAT.

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Follow writer and jewelry designer Melissa Sonico for a glimpse into her gorgeously minimalist home, aesthetic, and life in Los Angeles.

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London-based travel mag CEREAL brings some of the best minimalist interiors around the world to its Instagram account. A must-follow for daily inspiration.


As owner of Sincerely, Tommy, Kai Avent-deLeon has made a name for herself thanks to her impeccable style that brings together minimalism, color, and all things ’90s. Avent-deLeon’s personal Instagram account offers a look into her beautiful shop, home, and world.

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Feel all of the Mad Men vibes while flipping through Timothy Brown’s Instagram feed, which features current projects and inspirations from this New York designer.


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In Casey Zhang’s dreamy Brooklyn home, you’ll find plenty of the smart storage solutions that help her to live a clutter-free life. She keeps things simple, but she’s also a master of arranging decorative objects. Take note!


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Brooklynite Erin Boyle shares snapshots of her tiny apartment, alongside easy and accessible advice on living more sustainably, an important tenant of minimalism. You’ll also find plenty of thrifting inspiration on her feed.


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Korean minimalism, as demonstrated by this pleasing, neutral-toned shop account, is accessible even to people who might not want to get rid of all of their stuff. Simply a standardized color palette can make for the most satisfying, soothing interiors.

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