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A while ago, I was perusing MatchesFashion in search of aspirational decor (as one does) when I found them. They were a set of glasses designed by Nick Vinson for Lobmeyr, and they may have been the most perfect little vessels I’ve ever seen. Crafted from pink muslin glass and featuring a strikingly simple silhouette, I wanted them immediately. More importantly, I suddenly realized I wanted to be the kind of person who owned elegant matching glassware.

Alpha Glass Drinking Set, Matches Fashion ($591)

Having already publicly confessed my penchant for turning empty candle vases into glasses, this realization startled no one more than myself. Due to my collection of various colorful ceramics and assortment of mismatched vintage furniture, I fancied myself something of an eclectic—or at least, a refined eclectic. However, even weeks after stumbling upon the pink glasses of my (and every other millennial’s) dreams, I can’t stop thinking about owning matching glassware sets that span in use from water to wine to juices.

I don’t know who I think I am, as I have neither the cabinet space nor the need for such frivolities, but I’ve come to realize that my newfound passion for glassware has little to do with the glasses themselves and far more with what they represent. Glassware sets may just be the decor equivalent of matching pajamas: They’re a step toward having your life together, an irrefutable symbol that you possess some modicum of sophistication.

If you feel the same way, here are a few other glassware sets I currently have bookmarked. From the colorful to the translucent and the old-timey to the contemporary, there’s a set to suit every style. And best of all, there’s a set at every price point.  

If You Want to Dine Like a Chic Medieval Lord

Multicolor Goblets, MoMA Design Store ($78)

Not enough people own goblets these days. MoMA’s take on the historic vessel is vibrant and cheery; the perfect decorative touch to your kitchen’s open shelving. Each goblet was mouth-blown and created by three glass artisans. This incredible attention to detail shows not only in the technicolor hue of each piece but also in the subtle ridge detailing.

If You Want to Be the “Thanks, It’s Vintage!” Kind of Person

Raised Wavy Design Glassware, $7.90+, Zara Home ($8)

True antique glassware, while beautiful, can also run pricey. While the detailing and classic silhouette of this set make it look like it hails from a cool vintage boutique, it actually hails from ye old Zara Home—at a much easier to digest price point.

If You Want to Live Like a Design Insider

Bump Glasses, Coming Soon ($70)

These bump glasses have been enjoying virality on a number of design outlets for a while now, and we can see why. Millennial Pink hue? Check. Odd yet visually satisfying silhouette that makes them prime for photography? Check. Designer pedigree? Check. Tom Dixon’s take on glassware is definitely worth the splurge.

If You Want the Bar Cart of a Stylish Elderly Gent

Ripple Glass Set, TRNK ($55)

This ripple glassware set is made for mixology enthusiasts. The timeless silhouette is reminiscent of old-timey whiskey glasses, though the slight variance in each glass is more of a modern twist. Together, these two elements make for the ultimate blend of classic and contemporary.

If You Want to Start Hosting Brunches

Idra Water Glass Set, Wallpaper Store ($288)

With a bold color that would coincidentally look even more striking when filled with orange juice, this set of purple glassware is a great way to elevate your brunch tablescape. Each of the six glasses features a distinct textural pattern, which makes for an even more interesting setup.

If You Want to Be Fancy on a Budget

Beverage Glass, H&M ($6)

H&M consistently puts out high-end looking pieces at crazy low prices, and this sleek glass is a prime example of this dichotomy. Seemingly paper-thin glass makes each little cup feel more expensive than it is. Pick up an assembly of four, and they’ll fast become your go-to beverage vessels.

If Your Regular Water Cup Isn’t Cutting It

Ridge Glasses, YIELD ($28)

Now more than ever, we know how important it is to drink tons of water. Instead of looking at hydration as a chore, make it second nature by investing in elevated glassware that’s so chic that you’ll constantly want to use it. This simple glass set features a unique bronze hue and it even comes with a matching pitcher, if you want to keep the refill station close by.

If You’re Chromatically Inclined

Spot Glassware Set, Wallpaper Store ($50)

If you’re a color fanatic, look for glassware that reflects that; ombre packs a punch any way you use it. This sleek set of five offers a bevy of warm tones, all neatly packaged in the Scandinavian simplicity that Hay is known for. While technically meant to house votive candles, we think this set would look perfect on your bar cart or dining room shelving.

If You Want to Be Cool and Contemporary

Black Champagne Glass, Stillhouse NYC ($42)

Very few things are more cool and contemporary than the pervasive matte black trend that’s been sweeping the design world. When that color is coupled with one of the more unique silhouettes we’ve seen for a champagne glass, the result is undeniably striking. This Japanese-made piece doesn’t actually come as a set, but if you’re willing to splurge, picking up a few would serve as a great investment for your kitchen down the road. If not for yourself, a set of two would also make an excellent present.

If You Want to Recall Your High School Chem Days

Fferrone Tulip Glasses, Spartan Shop ($75)

Somehow both sleek and bulbous, this set of tulip glasses is almost reminiscent of chemistry beakers—in the most stylish way possible, of course. The unconventional shape makes them a conversation starter, which in turn makes them prime for hosting aperitivo hour at your place. Use them in lieu of more traditional wine glasses.

If You Strive for Casual Luxury

Watson Etched Double Old-Fashioned Glass Set, CB2 ($48)

These CB2 glasses actually feature hand-engraved etching, but thanks to the unpretentious style and affordable price point (they come in a set of eight), they still work for every day. Whether used to give your afternoon CBD seltzer a more stylish vessel or to bring a pop of pattern to your bar cart, this set will fast become a household staple.

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