Published on September 17, 2019

You know you’re a grown-up when you’re not the subject of “use a coaster!” missives, but rather the originator. Another sign: You’ve been shopping for the table protector’s big sister, the trivet. The item may not be high up on your shopping list when it comes to building out an arsenal of kitchen toolsbut it is right up there with matching glassware as things that make you feel like you really, truly have it together—especially if you’re a frequent entertainer. Do you want your Dutch oven–braised short ribs to burn a hole in your linen tablecloth? We think not. 

In the spirit of fall dinner parties, we paired our favorite trivets with pots for every occasion. These combos make it clear that cookware can be so much more than just functional—it can also be decor. Psst: Trivets make for excellent hostess gifts, too. 

For creamy risottos… 

Bring the rustic comfort of a Tuscan villa home with this stoneware and soapstone combo. Set the table with a simple cream linen runner—and a hunk of good Parmesan.  

For berry compotes…

Serving brunch? Hay’s sunny yellow trivet and Riess’s dusty pink saucepan are the perfect match for a similarly bright sauce made to slather over French toast and pancakes. 

For cassoulets… 

Take inspiration from these amorphous blobs and exit your comfort zone with a slow-cooker dish that’s not your go-to chili. The funky shapes, a Memphis-inspired pot, and an unexpected recipe are better than any floral centerpiece. 

For velvety soups… 

These ridged trivets are so cute, you might be tempted to keep the borosilicate glass cooker empty so that you can stare at them all evening—but a smooth, vibrant butternut squash or roasted carrot soup would look just as striking. 

For fancy takeout dinners… 

If your hosting style is more Seamless than stovetop, elevate your order by serving individual portions of rice in these tiny donabe (a traditional Japanese vessel) clay pots. Partner them with Andrew Molleur’s swirly coasters and your weeknight meal will suddenly feel like a Saturday extravaganza. 

For gravy…

You might not think of gravy as the most exciting tabletop accoutrement, but that’s all about to change. Come Thanksgiving, you’ll be glad you picked up this mini casserole and brass trivet set to accompany the turkey. 

For Friday night pastas… 

When all you want to do at the end of a long week is hang out with your closest friends over a vat of fettuccine al limone, this pairing is for you. The wood trivet isn’t too fussy, and the copper pot adds just a hint of glamour. Hang both up as a textural pieces of kitchen art when not in use. 

Meet you at the dinner table. 

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