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Blue marble countertops. Brass backsplashes. Every cabinet a different hue. Some of the most exciting kitchen trends these days are all about being bold, but sometimes, going from white subway tile to pink terrazzo is too scary of a jump (or simply an unrealistic one). At their core, though, these decor ideas are all about making the everyday a little more joyful, and who wants to miss out on that? Luckily, color-blocked glassware achieves the same thing without having to demo a wall. 

Besides, it’s okay to take baby steps. We don’t swap out our sofa every time Pantone announces a shade of the moment—we add a few throw pillows. Upgrading your bland drinking glasses and water pitchers is the same idea: As you infuse your shelves with more playfulness, adopting color becomes less intimidating. What we love about color-blocked glassware, in particular, is that you don’t have to adhere to one specific palette. Clashing is the goal. So dip your toes into a brighter universe with these nine cheery pieces.

If you’re not ready for fall yet…

This caipirinha jug makes a strong case for summer drinks, no matter the season.


Short Caipirinha Jug, Ichendorf Milano ($132)

If you’re really into Rothko…

Drinking glass or modern art? You decide. One thing’s for sure: This handcrafted tumbler won’t go unnoticed.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 5.40.14 PM
Two-Toned Amber and Indigo Fused Glass Tumbler, Mociun ($54)

If you always have Jelly Bellys stashed away…

These rainbow drinking glasses with contrasting trim look like candy—and suit everyday drinks just as well as a fancy sundae.

Rainbow Glass Set of 4, La Double J ($540)

If you’re a sucker for a good sunset…

These ombre options will always remind you to appreciate the day’s golden hour.

Ombre Drinking Glasses, MoMA ($10)

If you make lemonade when life gives you lemons…

This bright and sunny jug is an everlasting pick-me-up.


test_adobesupport (5)
Jug, HAY ($50)

If cocktail parties are your specialty…

With every goblet a different trio of hues, no one will ever get drinks mixed up at your party.

Arlecchino Liqueur Chalices, Artemest ($485)

If you always leave room for a digestif…

Pour yourself a sip of whiskey or amaro in one of these bicolored cups. The question is, which side will you use?

Hour Glass Cocktail Glasses, Mamo ($28)

If you’re always thirsty…

Never wake up parched in the middle of the night again with this color-blocked carafe-and-cup duo on your nightstand.

Bedside Carafe, Anna Karlin ($210)

If you want a vase that sits pretty even sans flowers…

This vibrant number comes in four colorways to complement any shelf, buffet, or coffee table.


Moroccan Vase, HAY ($75)

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