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Forget Paper-Thin Glassware—This Is the Style Our Team Is Shopping

It’s a total blast from the past.

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Owning paper-thin glassware is a bit like holding on to a ticking time bomb. Sure, it’s beautiful and delicate, but even picking up a lightweight glass off a display shelf—and we’ve seen it everywhere, from CB2 to ABC Carpet & Home—feels like a “you break it, you buy it” disaster waiting to happen. Sometimes it seems like even holding it too tight can make it shatter to pieces, and don’t even get us started on dishwashers and clumsy friends. 

So it’s to our true delight that there’s a more durable, throwback glassware bubbling up again in stores: bubble glass. While the hefty, air-filled look certainly isn’t a new style—there’s some ’90s nostalgia vibes happening for sure—it looks fresh paired with hand-painted ceramics and floral table linens, especially because of its perfectly imperfect, no-two-are-alike qualities. The thickness makes it great for outdoor entertaining. And with a little more weight to them, these pieces aren’t the type of glassware you have to worry about using around friends who talk with their hands. Here are our current favorites, in every shade of the rainbow. 

Julia Stevens

Contributing Editor

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